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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by iFixEverything, Oct 4, 2011.

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  2. all plug boots fit all plugs

    Every spark plug boot and wire will fit. Go to any junk yard and ask for an older plug wire (7mm works best) CUT TO LENGTH. Should be a dollar. Most shops have a bunch lying around too. same with most auto parts stores as well as marinas. I like the pre made wires with the boot already fitted together.
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    when you use the stock spark plug wire you are required to remove the screw on tip from the spark plug itself.
    The plug will not snap into the stock plug wire with this screw on cap on the spark plug.
    If you go to an automotive type wire and boot, you will need that little screw on cap to be on the spark plug. the automotive type boot will not snap onto the spark plug without that little screw on tip.
    seriously, go to the junk yard and buy a couple of spark plug wires off of a's not that big of a deal.
    I thought we went over this before?
    all you need is a length of automotive spark plug wire with a spark plug boot on one end.
    It's not that difficult.
    Do not buy a stock replacement plug wire or boot, or a plastic boot for your stock wire because you will be wasting your money.
    go with a silicone resistor plug wire (automotive) with a rubber boot on the end.
    Heck, if you pay shipping i'll send you a brand new automotive spark plug wire with boot already on it that will screw right into your cdi in place of the stock plug wire.
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    By far the best replacement plug boot I've ever used (and I've used a lot of these since the 1970s) is the "Sparky." Basically it's a one piece rubber boot with a hooked spring that connects to the top of the plug.

    Here's an example -

    To assemble it you hook sharp point through the center of the wire, then spit on the spring and shove it in the small end of the boot. The spring actually wraps around the knob on top of the spark plug when you snap the Sparky onto the plug.

    Sparkys are rugged (they don't break like brittle plastic), make a positive connection to the spark plug, and are great at sealing out water. Every since I got my first dirt bike back in 1969, one of first things I do on every motorcycle, minibike, go kart, chain saw, lawn mower, generator, etc., is install a Sparky.
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    sounds a little too complicated for ifixeverything.
    by far, the easiest, best, cheapest and most reliable is an automotive plug wire and boot in my opinion.
    Not to be mean but he can't even figure out that ANY plug wire and boot will work on one of these engines, and you expect him to install a sparky boot on his own wire?
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    :laugh3: :laugh4: