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    So my engine kit got here today, and today has undoubtedly been in the top 10 worst days of my life. But to cut the chase short, I am in serious need of help, because once again, I think I may have just destroyed my freaking bike.

    While attempting to install the rear sprocket on my Schwinn Del Mar, I noticed that one of the inside nuts was drilled on WAY too hard. So, I went around the other side, loosened it up, and began sliding the.. Whatever the **** the center "Axis cylinder thing" is inside.

    Immediately two pieces come flying off the inside "Cylinder". The entire thing is covered in globs and heaps of blue-black sticky ****, smells like oil but it's... blue? Just COVERED in it. I have NO idea where these pieces go, I have no idea how to get them back on. They're metal, they're long, half-cylinder pieces, the outside edges are treaded like the very center of a handlebar, and on the inside they have a grooved... trench slot along it, width wise. Like, [ | ] That.

    Someone, please help me. This has been the most frustrating day in a long, long time. I need to get that axis thing back into the center of my rear tire.

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    I think some pics could help
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    Getting them right now, please bear with me.
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    Coaster brakes are a pain....
    i don't use them

    did you get the sprocket mounted OK with the arm that attaches to your frame?

    Take it to a bicycle shop and let them fix the coaster brakes for you
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    The Two mystery pieces, where they came from, and pictures of the hub, which I'm pretty sure they came off of...

    Please, help. The manual said, "Hey, this'll be fun! 2-3 hours tops."
    I've spent 12 hours now, haven't passed step 1, and now I'm covered in this gack and have put myself at step - apx 5 entitled, "FIX YOUR MISTAKE! HOORAY!"

    Ps - I don't have a local bike shop. Closest bike shop is about 2-3 counties away.

    Post 8 is the ****ed nut I couldn't get off, to get past that "Arm" to mount my 36t Sprocket. So, I went around to the other side, to slide the "Hub" out. This is what happened. Please, ease some of my pain. Help me get it back together.

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    I'm assuming that those two pieces are the pieces which in this picture are labeled, "Brake Shoes". Do they just, sit on top of the hub? There is no way to "Snap" them on, and they just flopped out when I slid out the hub...

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    Don't freak, Rain, I did the same thing! Without looking at what I encountered, I did a Del Mar, too! Clean everything up and just keep looking at how things go back together. As I remember assemble the half-clam pieces on the bearing race and shaft and carefully put it back together! Sorry, this is really no help, but I had to stand there a couple of weeks ago and do the same thing. Study how it works because you will have to tear this down often to adjust and grease these bearings. I have a lot of slop in mine so tomorrow I'm going to tear mine down and tighten up the bearings, 45 mile point.
    P.S. I put 24 hours into my bike before it ever POPPED! After that it's been bliss! Todd in wet and snowy Lyons, Colorado!
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    I think before I put this together, I need to understand what the **** I'm doing. I'm so completely lost. Can someone answer this for me, really fast?

    Exhibit A.) "PHOTO Sprocket2" Should I Slide the Sprocket this way, then file it big enough to get it onto this middle smaller ring?

    B.) "PHOTO Sprocket3" Should I slide the Sprocket Right to left on the axel, then file it large enough to fit over the LARGER outside ring?

    C.) "PHOTO 4" Should I remove this nut, remove the arm bar, then slide the sprocket on and reattach?

    D.) "PHOTO 5" Does the Sprocket go over the MIDDLE smaller ring, or the RIGHT SIDE LARGER ring?

    Please, the manual they sent me is absolutely ridiculous, and I cannot find a guide in depth enough to answer this for me. I feel completely lost at this point...
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    Behold! The photos.

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    Bump... I'm dyin' here. :(