Please!!! I need help on my CDI install....

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Coupe, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Coupe

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    Here is my dillema so PLEASE someone help!!!!! I have the same set up like the JN Motors HP Limiter; Don't know where to put which wire. Some sites I have visited have given me wire colors that are not included on my setup. I have attached a link. Any answers or insight you might have will be greatly appreciated,
    and here's........the link
    Racing CDI.jpg

    please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

  2. BoltsMissing

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    from what little I know about auto-electrical, firstly consider changing your spark plug so the plug number is the same, except it may have an "R" for resitor.
    I won;t explain why, but from some set-ups, the manufacturers insist on a Resistor spark plug. Something to do with protecting the electronics.

    If push comes to shove regarding instructions and no answers come from the forum, take the bike and your component to a auto-electrician, they got gizmos, dooberlakeez and testers to figure it all out.
    Once they do, ask them to draw up a connection diagram, so for future reference with part number of that CDI, it be appreciated to post that diagram it back here.