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  1. I had the engine running good yesterday and now today it won't start. The only things that I changed was I mixed a up more fuel at the gas:Oil 16:1. The things that I found out that changed were that inside the magnet the woodruff key was pushed down to far, the spark plug won't spark. I tried pushing the bike with the clutch disengaged and with the spark plug unscrewed and the rear wheel turns easily. But when I rescrew the spark plug back into the engine the rear wheel is extremely hard to turn. I also an not getting a spark when I have it unscrewed and touching the motor. I tested the OHMS on cdi, magnecoil, with a voltage meter and they were all fine.I don't know how or even what to fix. Can someone help me please?

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    explain more about that woodruff key and what you did there
  3. The key fell out in the cover. So I put it back in. It looks like a half moon/circle it's made of metal and it goes in a slot on the shafts. You adjust it so that it will turn the magnet, small and big bevel gear and the drive sprocket. But since ur a well known member u probably already knew how it works.
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    if this means you took rotor off, it may now be upside down - with slot for key at about 1 o'clock, rotor should be almost horizontal (I think a pic is somewhere here on the board)
  5. The problem was that they had the wire colors swapped. It was supposed to be blue to blur and black to black. It works now with blue to black and black to blue. Stupid crappie made in china.