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    Sorry, but I couldn't find an off-topic forum anywhere.

    Because the subject is something about "Electric Motors & Related Components," I think this is as close as it gets.

    Please watch the movie titled "Who Killed the Electric Car."

    I know it has nothing to do with motorized bikes...............

    ....except for the fact that certain entities are able to influence what we can and can't have..............

    because in my humble opinion, we tend to be too complacent.

    (lastly, can a combustion engine be made to run on something other than a petroleum-based fuel? yes.)

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    Did you intend to post a link?
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    Kerf, it can be Googled and it's all over Youtube. BoltsMissing's got the link, thanks man!
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    That's really amazing, to get that much left wing, tree hugging excrement into a trailer less than three minutes long. It pretty much lost me when I heard Martin Sheen's voice.
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    What killed the electric vehicle is simple: TECHNOLOGY, COST, and PROFITABILITY.

    Technology: Battery technology isn't quite there yet. Its improved greatly but still has a long way to go to get a lightweight, safe, battery that has a huge storage capability and ability to be rapidly recharged.

    Cost: new technology costs big bucks. Costs have to be recouped and profits earned to make it worth doing by businesses.

    Profitability: See above. If costs can't be lowered to make it comparable to a gas powered vehicle in terms of price, any chance at profitability is shot.

    There is no conspiracy.

    Here's another thing to think about: Our power grid is already stretched to the hilt. Don't believe me, look at the brownouts that california and New York City and other areas have when temps increase and electrical loads from a/c increase. Our infrastructure won't be able to support many vehicles adding to our electric load. The greenies won't allow more powerplants to be built so electric vehicles don't have much of a future until we realize that we gotta stop shooting ourselves in the foot in meeting current and future energy needs of our country.
  7. Thanks for promoting the film, Mark. I have access (through my job) to one of the few EV1s which GM didn't destroy...its an impressive car, especially for the 1990s. The new generation of fuel cell cars is really cool as well, but I'm not sure if they will make it to market on a large scale anytime soon.

    Electric cars are coming, and I suspect they will be a big hit, make the manufacturers lots of money, and the power companies will be happy to provide the electricity.

    The naysayers (including the BIG 3 US automakers) predicted that gas-electric hybrids would be a flop and would never catch on....expensive mistake.

    The power companies across the globe see the inevitability of electric vehicles and are preparing infrastructure for the added demand. They already have developed smart meters that monitor demand on the grid in real time so that electric cars can recharge the batteries primarily during off-peak times. Anyway, the electric car is a question of "when" not "if".

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    No conspiracy? The people who leased the EV-1 wanted to continue leasing them. They were willing to purchase them. But the cars were taken away and crushed.
  9. Such a sad waste. GM crushed the only product it had that people really, really wanted.
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    No Prob :) I think people are being led away from this documentary, but I still have my freedom of speech. Even back in 1996, with the lowtech batteries, people were still getting 60 to 100 miles per charge. Even though the batteries were and are expensive, people still wanted to lease and buy electric cars.

    Oversimplified: as for hydrogen fuel cells, one needs electricity to extract hydrogen from water, and then the hydrogen to energy? Why not just go straight to the electricity and charge a battery?

    If I get a cord long enough, I won't need a stinking battery for my car :)
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    One thing I've never understood about the conspiracy theory is- why would GM spend all the money to design and produce the car to begin with? It could not have been to prove that the electric car is a bad idea- they did too good a job for that. The truth is simple- it almost always is- they thought it could be a money maker in the long term, but turns out that at that point in time, it would not have been. If GM wanted to discourage electric cars, it certainly would not have produced a decent car, leased it publically, and then taken them back.

    All the cars were leased and recovered so that GM could take the cars back and inspect them for research purposes. They were destroyed so that GM would be the only entity with the data and to avoid liability issues with an unsupported vehicle out running around. No one will sue is it lights on fire in 5 more years...yeah right.
  12. Yep, fuel cell systems are not a power source, but rather a means of storing energy....kinda like a battery. Supposedly, the power density for platinum membrane fuel cells is higher than that of batteries, but that info came to me via a GM Fuel cell rep.

    You also lose a lot of energy in the electrolysis process (making hydrogen), so I'm betting my money on the variable battery packs like those used in the Tesla and Prius(?).

    By the way, where are the electric bike people?
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    There was a news report the other day, GM here in Oz, will exclude the spare tyre in the next new car range, reason ?
    wait for it..,
    to increase fuel savings by have having less weight to carry...,
    OK, let's look at this. We know that is bull, so what's the real reason ?

    Perhaps getting car users used to the idea that the extra space obtained by not have a spare wheel will be for future car's battery space ?
    Let's say that is the reason which to some extent makes sense.
    But, what happens if there is a flat tyre, what's GM's answer to that problem ?
    If a GM or others electric vehicles is for commercial use, let's say a taxi or hire car, what then, no spare tyre to compensate for fuel cell space ?
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    we should be full steam ahead with nuclear power.
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    I bet evil corporations and gubment is conspiring to destroy motored bikes as we speak! :shock:
  16. Yea I burned a copy of that to a DVDr a while back. It's so obvious what's happening.

    Big oil selling our leaders out.

    Not to get political but we know about the Republicans.

    But the Democrats seems to want to prolong this as well.

    Sold out. All the rich people selling out.

    Still. It's Democrat for me because I think they have a better chance of their promise.

    And I like the idea of a man sticking to a marriage of 16 years and working your way up instead of marrying into money with no clue of our economy.

    But this is my opinion.

    Sorry for getting political but DENVER is such a PARTY TOWN THIS WEEK!!!!!
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  18. Let's wait and see. It's not out yet.
    Will it be a limited run to be destroyed later?
    Or will it go into production?
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    Ha, did you see what GM said? They said "we didn't kill the electric car...." I don't trust them, and I never will. And never will buy a GM ever again after that stunt they pulled.
    NO, the timing was right in '96. And that Volt they're selling, it's a hybrid isn't it? ---Yeah, they gotta keep the oil guys in the money too, haha. If we didn't need to buy oil, the middle east would be dirt po'. And how would the terrorists raise money, sell sand cookies? LOL.
    Large, we do know about the Republicans, heheh! To them, smog is just a mirage. One far rightwinger told me volcanos contribute a lot to smog, Lmao!!

    I'm voting Democrat, because I believe they'll do lesser harm to the (middle-class) American people. For one, bring our people back from Iraq.
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    na, they be shootin themselves in the foot if they do that, cos as the economic wedge widens, how their workers gonna get to work to build the car when they cannot afford to run the car they building anyway ?

    what's that thing you have in the US, "mexican stand-off", 2012, bring it on..., !
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