Plug Champion L86C???

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    I have bought the plag Champion L86C (the Champion L87Y is equivalent to the NGK BP6HS).Do someone knows it?? I feel that my motorbike runs a little bit slowlier...why?

    Before I had the original Z4C. Which model of plug is equivalent to the Z4C?


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    If im not mistaken, those are mini plugs. If they are, you are losing power because they are smaller and sit higher up in the sparkplug hole, which lowers compression.
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    Dig hole,,,, put Champion plug in hole,,,, fill with dirt. Go get NGK,, or any other brand.
  5. raimond

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    Also when I go open throttle the engine doesnt work short times stop working....why???
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    You haven't mentioned changing the plug as of yet. If you haven't you need to start there...can't help until you change the plug and a new good wire would be good.
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    I mean after I changed the plug.

    Before, with the Z4C it was working very good...until the plug died.

    Now,with the Champion L86C i feel less power and doesnt work good in open throttle

    Which is the NGK most similar to the originall Z4C??

    Thanks a lot for the help!!
  8. Al.Fisherman

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    A Z4C plug is a 11mm...7/16" plug..Where did you come up with the L86C (L87YC) for a Z4C replacement? A L86C (L87YC) BP4HS/BP5HS/BP6HS/BP7HS is a 12.7mm...1/2"
    If your engine in fact used a Z4C plug which is 11mm in length and you installed a L86C plug which is 12.7mm in length, you might of closed the gap on the plug.....ya think? 1.7mm (12.7mm-11mm)= 0.0669". If you gaped the plug at .024", it might of closed to .017"
    11mm 7/16"
    H5 H7T Z4C Z8C M5 M7

    BOSCH....WS8E WS5E

    Nippon Denso (ND)...W14L-U W16L-U W20M-U W22M-U

    Champion...H10 H8 CJ11 CJ8 CJ6 CJ4

    NGK...B4L BP6L BM6A BM7A
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    I put an NGK iridium spark plug model #: BPR6HIX. it fit on an 80cc engine and boy the motor just runs great. no bogging, increased torque (little bit). $10 well spent