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    So it's been decent enough "30 degrees" in the morning. I live about 5 blocks from my work so I ride my motorized bike to and from work last 2 weeks. Everyday before I leave to come home I pull the plug, give it a quick once over make sure it's still looking good and off I go. Not 'till today did I decide to check the gap. I just happened to come across o,e at work and it sent a red flag up. I checked it. 22 so I go online do a once over and everyone says that's pretty close...should be more around 25 so I bump it up to .35.....seems like it snaps better when I twist the throttle. Before it would take a little longer. Anybody else notice little better pick me up from bumping the gap up slightly? Or am I having a placebo effect???? Decided to download a gps.....fastest top speed one week ago was 26 That's was after one full tank of break in. Today I got 28. But that could be because of it being more broke in. Anyway.....just wondering

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    bigger the better as long as it can still consistently jump the gap. I run anywhere between 35 and 45 depending on how trashed the coil is. I've run all the way up to 60 thou on a particularly good coil
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    Awsome! Think I'll leave it right where I have it for now. Seemed a lot more responsive. In North central illinois it's sunny and 31 debating on a morning ride.