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    Irridim VS NGK ? What's the verdick !! And if I stay NGK What's best 6 or 8??I run a 66cc

  2. KCvale

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    NGK is the spark plug maker.
    For the 48/66cc engines they have a standard version, and an Iridium version.

    The only number in the long letter code part number is the Heat Range number.
    The higher the number, the more heat the plug lets out to the head.
    You want it as high as you can without fouling the plug.

    The regular version is
    NGK 5111 (BP7HS)
    The Iridium is
    NGK 5944 (BPR7HIX)

    Both are longer than stock for a bit more compression.
    Both are excellent plugs.
    Iridium's are twice as much but will last the engines lifetime and come pre-gapped for best performance. carries them all and where I get mine though you can order them direct from buy the short 4 digit number.
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    I prefer standard plugs over iridiums. standards are rated for well over the engine's lifetime. you may have to clean or regap them, but you'll never have to replace them.
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    They DO NOT come pregapped for the BEST performance.

    I gapped mine to a .030 and lost all 4 stroking.
    Whatever gap i bought it at was WRONG!
    And theyre all gapped slightly differently.
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    Got me a bp7hs atAuto z. I prefer a short thread seat to long CanaslCat Thanks You all for sound advice. God bless safe and sound!!!!!