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  1. skyash

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    Y is the colour red like rust? it's been getting shity on top speed I put more oil and it's smokey at start up not shor how much to put don't want to stuff it is a 49cc hp 2 stroke pocket bike motor. If the plug is like that how about in side lol I don't want to know.

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  2. skyash

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    I use castrol 2 t oil 15ml to 500 ml of petrol. One thing I just tried some wynns octane boost says not for retail sale? I don't remember seeing this colour be for using o boost.
  3. Frankfort MB's

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    Have to say.... Never heard about that happening:D
    But also I don't have much experience:p
  4. jaguar

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    yes additives can cause coloration. boosting octane in anything but a high compression engine actually makes it slower.
  5. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    But it smells so goood:)