PNW-virtual "poker run"/long beach peninsula, WA



ok, i had an idea, figured i'd get things started & see if there's any interest.

what i'm proposing is a virtual poker run...use my place as a card station, then take off from there on 5 different routes around the peninsula. the area offers some really nice clean asphalt, & scenery deluxe.

i can host 3 or 4 riders & bikes, and if need be i can find tent & rv sites at good rates.

ok, let's see if we can do anything with this as a starting point.

i'm proposing the end of may, that should give us enough time to put it together.
since it's "virtual", I can ride too......only in Kansas, I'll be riding through the reclaimed, coalmined landscape. You'll have to email me my cards.... :LOL:
no problem, yours are already picked out :p

it looks like quay1962 and fiance will be motorized in a coupla weeks, and maybe wavygravy will get one soon, too.

the northwest is filling up...we just gotta get one decent size rally together
up here this summer, the peninsula's perfect for it.

i take full responsibilty for this shameless "bump"...i wanna ride!!!
hi all

Just an fyi, naselle on the way here to long beach peninsula, about 22 miles, i know of free camping up on radar hill...Shane and i lived up ther for 6 weeks in a tent. There are elk and bear, so bring something to fend them off. I had a dog lol. I think i am going to cancel my house cleaning appointment today and wait for ups! I have a feeling my dax unit might be arriving today. It's high time for petes sake! I have only been waiting since mid april...augie if ya want someday when the car is running right will take a drive up's way cool... :)
hope it shows up today! :D I just got the two I ordered yesterday now I'm waiting on the tires that I ordered....I just finnished my son's recumbent frame late last night I'll post some photos later after primer
quay, soon's we figure out a way to take the bikes, it's a done deal :D

and keep this in mind...after you get the 1st one on the road, you or shane can start to show me some of the nicer spots right here at home 8)