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    Has anyone seen a right hand drive pocket bike engine? Basically, I want to remove the centrifugal clutch, chop the left side of the spindle down, and use the clutch mounting holes to bolt the motor on a bracket. The only real snag I'm hitting is finding an engine with a long shaft on the flywheel side. There's not much meat on the spindle on that side, maybe a half inch at best.

    The flywheel shaft

    Mounted flywheel

    Standard flywheel

    The only thing I can think of is trying to mount a shaft extension and bolting it into the centre of the shaft. But at 5000+ RPM, I'm not sure how much that would effect the engine balance. Adding 2" and a friction roller to the end of it might vibrate the engine to pieces. I'd like to go with this style of engine because of cost and the tons of aftermarket performance parts available.

    Here's a terrible drawing of what I'm trying to accomplish. Any ideas or bolt-on parts to solve this one? :confused:

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