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  1. any one modify a bike to run one? im thinking it would be a better choice of an engine because of the avaliability of performance and stock replacement parts.

    you can get a whole bike for less than what some of the bolt in kits cost.

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    hi; yes they can be used on rack mounts, friction, chain or belt. at minipocketrocket.com you can get a 47cc for 99.00 no shipping.
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  4. no screw rack mounted, im talking about mounting one in frame. if and when i decide to make a whole frame i figure it would be a better move to design it around a better powerplant with a better aftermarket.
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  6. pocket bike motors are LOOOONG and wide. I have a 4 stroke 47cc with 4 speed cvt and in a Scwinn OCC sting ray chopper I had to: cut the gusset and the down tube. You'll need a stretched cruiser to fit one in.
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    Once the "transmission/jackshaft" is discarded, the pb engine is shorter, narrower and lighter than the Honda/Subaru/Mits engines
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    5hp Pocket bike motor in a Stingray chopper

    Hi ya.
    Ive just done a pocket bike motor, into the frame , but i had to remove pedals.

    It's a 5hp race engine, with custom expansion chamber.

    It runs through the bikes gear system making it an 8 speed.

    It's crazy fast in 1st, 2nd, 3rd.POWERBAND!!
    top speed so far is 70.4km/h
    then settles to a nice cruising speed.
    enjoy , & just do it.
    you wont regret it.

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    I get picture of that gearbox (?) from mini moto - now you can count tooth and ratio.

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    we could all build a motorcycle but this is not a motorcycle site.
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    very nice bike! I wish I had the tools to build something like that lol
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    True, but when you do this to a chopper bike in the frame like mine, it does feel like you have built a small motorcycle or a hopped up pocket bike.
    I'd be catwalking everywhere if I had mounted it over the back tire.
    lol 70km/h better wear a helmit!
    The local pocket bike store is so helpful. Once I built it I asked them for the once over and they caught some problems.
    I have yet to be stopped by the cops and I gotta rev high to engage the clutch, so everyone knows I'm comming.

    djase10: interesting. how did you get your engine to rotate the opposite way?
    Or did it come that way. That's one heck of a piece of engeneering. Great job.
    It's similar to mine but I have an intercooler. I have aprox. 10 to 12 HP Polini Clone. I haven't opened it up other then the first 1/4 mile in which I was passing traffic.
    I have made no changes in reagards to gear ratio. I had to take off the pedals also, but I think I can get larger crank arms.