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  1. I am looking at a GP 460 motor from www.davesmotors.com The head kits they sell are amazing. With a ported head this motor will get up & Move. I see a lot of you guys running pocket type motors. Has anyone built one with one of these kits yet??



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    :cool:Zomby, my first step was to buy a pocket bike motor on ebay for $99. it had the transmission, which is basically a jackshaft for slight gear reduction. i didn't need the reduction, so i removed it and bolted the engine directly to my STATON friction drive. it shares the same 76mm clutch as my ROBIN 35CC engine, so it should also bolt directly onto my STATON gear chain drive.

    be careful which engine you buy from that site. most have the small clutch, some were meant for r/c airplanes, so don't have provisions for a clutch at all.

    i believe the pocket bike engines have much greater potential than the chinese happy time engines or the ROBIN/MITSUBISHI/TANAKA/ZENOAH/HONDA rack mounts. high-performance equipment is plentiful. if you can deal with fabbing a radiator system, 15hp is a reality, for a price.
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    greetings, zomby builder. I recently installed a 47cc pocket bike engine on my schwinn spoiler. I'm looking for a way to upload images this very moment. Originally, I wanted to install a 4 stroke 110cc with a 4 speed but the 30pds of weight coupled to an aluminum frame didnt set well with me.
  4. Hop Up

    Saw your Schwinn. Very nice. Did you look at DDMotors ported-head kits for those. I have a China 49cc and was wondering if the ported headkit/reed conversion & the big W carb would be as good as buying a new GS460 4.2 hp. The new engine is acually cheaper to buy that these two kits, and comes with the carb.
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  6. Wow

    So many options. So precious time.
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    I,ve built numerous bikes eith the 49cc cag pocket bike engine. I doubt i'll build another after i use the last of the engines and parts that i already have.
    while having less torque than the 70cc bicycle engine, with some porting, jetting , etc. thise things 'll scream up to 14000rpm!!!! but the heads/ pistons take a real beating.
    Speaking of options, this is in my opinion, the motor to try . I know i'd sure like to . one day soon i'll get one and let you know. check it out 65cc with 6 speed gearbox, wet clutch pushin over 15 hp
    made by morini


    ENGINE Two-Stroke Single Cylinder
    CYLINDER Light alloy with nickel silicon carbide plated liner with7 scavenge ports plus double exhaust scavenge ports
    INTAKE DISTRIBUTION By 4 blade fiber carbon reed valve in engine block
    BORE 44,50 mm
    STROKE 41,75 mm
    DISPLACEMENT 64,93 cc
    COMPRESSION RATIO 15,5 +/- 0,5:1
    MAX POWER CRANKSHAFT 16,7 Hp (12,3 kW) at 12500 rpm
    MAX POWER WHEEL 15,2 Hp (11,2 kW) at 12500 rpm
    MAX TORQUE CRANKSHAFT 9,8 Nm at 12000 rpm
    MAX RPM 15000 rpm
    COOLING Liquid cooled forced circulation by pump
    CARBURATOR Dell'Orto PHBL 24 with manual starter by lever
    LUBRIFICATION Petrol with + 2% oil mixture sinthetic (Castrol TTS)
    IGNITION Electronic magnetic flywheel with internal rotor D 36mm and microprocessor ignition timing management.External ignition coil. Ignition advance 33° +/- 2° a 4000 rpm
    STARTER By kick starter (backwards kick)
    CLUTCH Multiple disk type in oil bath
    PRIMARY TRANSMISSION With helical gears Ratio sprocket/crown Z 21/74 = 3,524
    1. speed = 11/40=3,636
    2. speed = 15/37=2,466
    3. speed = 18/34=1,889
    4. speed = 20/30=1,50
    5. speed = 23/28=1,217
    6. speed = 25/27=1,08
    SECONDARY TRANSMISSION By chain ½" x 3/16" roll 8,51mm (chain sprocket Z12 or Z13)
    SPARK PLUG Champion C53 / NGK B105EGV M14x1,25
    FUEL EURO unleaded NC 623-02 R.O.N. 95
    DRY WEIGHT 13,2 kg
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  8. Wow....somebody PLEASE mount that engine to a bike!!!! ;-O

  9. 5-7HEAVEN

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    :cool:with a powerful engine and 6-speed trans like that, we are DEFINITELY getting into the realm of motorcycles. be prepared to be pulled over and questioned by the local gendarmes.:shock:

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    zomby builder, thank you. I did see the upgrade kit for the "47cc" pocketbike engine! The kit takes the "47cc" (really 43cc) to a cool 49cc......all for only $30. Really wanted to see what the stock piston size could do BEFORE upgrading. This engine I got off of minipocketrockets.com. Stock: 4.4 hp, sy/zh-1 race head, 10,000 rpm. Present mods: Have delorto, 14mm replica carb, manifold, high flow combo( will install later after break in), modifyed stock carb by drilling out and removing fuel shut off key, set jet needle 2nd step from bottom, reamed out jet with MEDIUM sized safety pin (very tedious but works), velocity stack that matches the carb opening ( the first velocity stack sent by mini pocket rockets, DIDNT match!????) , added black magic triple stage reeds, E3 spark plug with .10 gap (sparks looks like an msd when you ground th' plug when pulling!!!), gasket matched (the RIGHT gasket!) and ported th' header exhaust port, upgraded to the high perf clutch with th' HUGE cooling ports and third member support bearing, and finially, since I couldnt find the required 91 octane.........(my license is screwed up, so I have to bike to get gas) I mixed 89 octane(3/4) with 93 octane(1/4). Stock pocketbike engines usually have tame timing unless you add a roket key (timing advance) so it should be alright. Besides, I've tryed mixing different octane mixes for just starting/ idling purposes.....this combo gives decent starting, (sort of) and VERY good performance. Also, I added 20z of B' laster tune up spray, as well as a cap full of ZMAX fuel treatment for a safetynet. G'day! sunofjustice
  11. minipocketrockets.com

    Didn't see any engines or head kits here. Just some new mass bikes. Am I looking in the wrong place?>>,,,<<<??
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    parts page 2, theres a 47cc motor
  13. Haggard

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    These are the kind of posts that I personally find do nothing but ugly up an entire thread.
    While not my thread, I added relative , informative , short, to the point information.
    You , out of pure ignorance and lack of anything constructive to say, come back with the above quote!?!

    How can You say (POSITIVELY) in an assumption???? Let alone assume to know what the "local gendarmes" are thinking in my part of the world while probably not even knowing or taking into consideration where i'm at??

    Do you realise that you have made a similar ,uninformative, non-productive, completely negative, post on virtually every thread here??
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    :rolleyes:Here we go again.

    Say what you like. I'm not taking the bait.:cool:

  15. power pockets

    Now - now guys let's share our thoughts here! I have a pretty serious pocket motor a GP460 with a 15 to one head - burns 110 av fuel. It is breaking everything behind it. The clutch springs engage at 5000 rpm. & yes they are the lighter ones. Stock ones don't engage till 6000. I want to know if I can put a 2 shoe in it. I have a 2 shoe in a 49 on my shelf. I also was wondering what the best way to connect this monster to my rear wheel. I've SMOKED a CVT already & now wonder if it just needs direct chain hookup. Hey Hag help me out here. I am about to shelf this one too.

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    Man, thats one bad ride, looks great. My R460's stock if you can call a 460 stock. I'm running a Staton box and sprocket, I think you may need a super heavy duty drive for that beast. I picked up a CVT but decided against it due to the fab work involved. I'm lazy.
  17. Staton box

    Which box do you have? I talked with Dave about his 18.3 to 1 & he also had some lighter clutch springs. Do you have the 6000 s still installed? They were stock in mine. Is yours a rack or frame mount? Those 6000 rpm springs slam on HARD. Does yours do that?
  18. kerf

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    I have the 18.75/1 box with a 14 tooth sprocket, rack mount. I changed the springs before mounting the engine, clutch starts kick'n in about 5 - 5.2k, my TLE 43 started about 4.2k. I wish I could find lighter springs for the 460, I need about 20 mph for a good lock.
  19. 2 shoe

    The other motor is a 49 it has a two shoe 2 spring. I am going to try swapping it. Engages about 3000. I'll let you know if it fits.
  20. kerf

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    Good, I would be interested to hear.