Point Beach Springer Fork

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    Does anyone have a source for a springer fork that IS KNOWN to fit a Schwinn Point Beach? I have talked to a few vendors but they can't answer questions about the required head tube length and how the springer fork would attach to the head set. Any pictures would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I have a black schwinn re-pop from spooky on my Jag (steel version of the PB)

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    I love the Jag AZBill. Where did you get the tires ?

    I bought a Point Beach a few days ago and I put the same style seatpost on it. Sure was fun getting it to fit. I ended up using the original seat post upside down with a copper pipe coupling as a shim. I'm hoping to find a proper seatpost shim for it, but they don't seem to make one that goes from 22.2mm ID to 27.2mm in one piece.
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    mhf...thanks :cool2:...the tires are speciallized 'crossroads armadillo'
    puncture resistant and a very hard rubber for durability
    kinda pricey @ 40$ea...they were a b -day present from my granddaughters :)

    my seatpost was too high for me (6'1"), so I cut the support and bent/re-welded it, now I can sit flat-footed at a stop :)