Poker Rally in the Okanogan!! Slated for June 2015.

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    As stated- waystops are being arranged, accommodations to be listed, local law enforcement being advised. In THIS county, the silly thing is a BICYCLE as long as it is LESS than 50cc- BUT you WILL wear a DOT MOTORCYCLE HELMET because of the way the law is written. Trying to figure an appropriate prize... right now I can't come up with much more than bragging rights but I think I can figure something out. Looking at a pleasant 15 mile run, possibly more, with plenty of local produce and beverage to sample and lots of old-fashioned small-town fanfare. Get your picture on the front page of the local paper!

    In honor of the occasion- to the tune of "The Bowery"

    One day I went to the town of Malott- to see these infernal contraptions they got
    Weed whacker motors they bolt to a bike- pedal and throttle as fast as you like
    They mount up these kinetic pieces of art- the green flag then drops and the rally does start
    The winner's the last one to fall apart! I can't believe half that I saw

    In the Okanogan County- the place is so strange that they gave it that name
    In the Okanogan County- I can't believe half that I saw

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    Beginning to look more like 24 miles- will encompass Brewster, Malott and Okanogan with stops at Fitzgerald Farm and Smallwood Farm. 5 motels on the route and two more in Omak, plus MB parking on my property. Friday night concert/BBQ, Saturday rally/BBQ/ and Sunday afternoon BBQ all part of the program.

    anyone interested?