Political correctness, creates insanity

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by grinningremlin, Dec 10, 2013.

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    Political correctness=telling people what they want to hear nothing to do with might be the truth
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    Political correctness is much broader than that, it also = not being able to tell a woman at work she's pretty because of litigation.It also means not offending anyone based on what they find offensive, at all costs.There was also a story a while back where a kid was suspended because the icon on his shirt "resembled" a gun, just shaped like one, that wasn't saying anything to anyone.
    That's the mentality that caused this school district (and others) to make children live by adult silly standards.
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    That outcome is total insanity.
    My God, now the school system has potentially destroyed a child's future by placing him on a sexual offenders list, of which he will never be able to have the charge quashed.

    I would have been placed in jail (never to be released) if these insane laws were in place when in my early years of primary school, because both boys and girls were getting in a bit of kissing practice; not really knowing why we were doing it.
    Isn't it interesting to see that the boy was charged with an offence but the girl wasn't. Makes me terribly upset that "men" are always branded as the evil component in such situations.
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    Yup, you and me both, recess to me and a bunch of my guy friends in primary school meant going around pinching girls backsides, and it wasn't welcome; the kids crush welcomes his affection.Maybe I have a grand imagination but I swear were falling into the next dark-ages in America.
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    That's one of the saddest examples yet.Political correctness, where the offended dictates the standard, but no one knows that standard until after the fact, and everyone is supposed to divine that knowledge.
    I remember a recent documentary where a guy went to the information area of a college, and said "I notice there's a woman's center,... where's the men's center??" (trying to make a point about double-standard inequality) one of the girls he was talking to was obviously miffed at his question; one of her statements to him was "well,... I have THE RIGHT to not be offended!!", he was escorted by security off campus for asking that question.That's what's being taught these days, or at least heavily inferred.
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    makes you wonder how the human race ever survived before all these medical advancements and civilised upbringings came about...

    what happens in third world countries where the whole family lives in one room?

    every kid should be taken to a farm. and made to assist in the removal of another kid from some labouring animal. see the mess. the blood. hear the screams. well, its only natural, happens in all these "uncivilised" countries. been happening for a few million years.

    or a maternity ward, even.

    religion. i blame religion. narrow minded zealots that failed to read the book of matthew.
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    Political correctness IS insanity. HeadSmess.. working on a MAT ward, as a bloke sent me a little squirly so I guess it comes down to which brand of insanity you wish to subscribe to. :p

    I totally agree, a few weeks ago I watched a Bogan chick beat the poop out of her (equally Bogan) partner in the front yard while he stood there and took it.. bet you can't guess who was taken for a little ride downtown.
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    There are a bunch of examples of people taking this kind of thing way too far, but I think this is a clear case of "don't throw the baby with the bath water"

    At its core there's nothing wrong with trying to be "politically correct". It's just doing your best to not offend people, and avoiding saying things in mixed company that would offend certain types of people. For example, I wouldn't go in a rant about Mormons in the supermarket because there may be Mormons there that would take offense.