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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KilroyCD, Jul 22, 2009.

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    I've shut down all the active political threads I could find. I'm referring all of you (and you know who you are) to this thread: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=17556
    If you want to talk politics, take it there!
    I've been rather lax at enforcing the "no politics" rule lately (thinking you guys knew how to follow rules), so I'm putting everyone on notice. Expect warnings and infractions to be issued if you continue to ignore the no politics rule.
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    Awwww c'mon - you guys are no fun!

    Please look at the posting habits of the folks that choose to participate in the "political" threads. When out of the "White Zone", we are back to our normal "help a dude with a MB" selves. We don't go "stalking" each other in the other forum areas to create problems. We are adults here, and we like to get into these spirited debates. I've been called just about every name in the book (and some that aren't in the book yet!) - and I don't take any of it personally. While we all may not agree in the political arena, we do help each other out with our MB issues.

    In any case, it's your forum and you can manage it how you want. Just saying that I don't things were getting out of hand.
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    just don't see where the poll regarding OBAMA MAMA'S health plan was a problem ???

    seems to be more about how our monies are spent ???

    no big THING -- appreicate the site -- thank you -- from - MM
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    See you guys on the site suggested?

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    the suggested site is mine. sorta.... i do not own it...but I am admin/moddy.

    I welcome all.... for political/forbidden talk. (bring it on)

    Not a lot of rules.... 2 words, so far on the word censor (so far). Just keep the name calling to a minimum. Debate is cool.
    Just keep the motorbike talk on MBc. :D
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    Dear Mods

    I both understand and respect the postitions of the site owners and it's moderators regarding the political arguing that goes on here. However, the importance of MB activism in the way of our members voting rights should not be understated.
    I can see why you guy's would lock threads because of the name calling and personal attacks. I just wish you (the mods) were more stringent upon these behaviors rather than the threads themselves. Some of the threads that have been locked, since I've joined, have served to be very educational to myself and 1,000's of other silent readers.
    It's a shame that perhaps somebody took something personal and complained... I would like to be able to inform our members of the Libertarian party and their stances on issues, such as our MB's. Their modo is Smaller Govn't, Lower taxes and more freedom. They strongly oppose Govn't control! Effectively, because some of our members are overly sensative, the 1,000s of silent readers will not be able to be informed of who is MB friendly when voting. Locking the threads instead of SPANKING the offender will only serve to weaken us collectively. Thanks for your consideration and time.



    P.S. There's a couple guy's here that when I first joined, I didn't see eye to eye with at all. Through those threads (locked), we became quite good friends, gaining understanding. Sure there was some debate, but no hard feeling I hope. I agree fully w/ AG (above). Lastly, it would be great if everybody could meet up at the other board (using the same names).
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    Marty-- They were good enough to let us have our own way for a long time.
    I'm on the other site and the waters fine. Dave is waiting. The rest will follow the path of the good arguement.
    See you over there shortly I'm sure.

  10. machiasmort

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    Exactly how I feel AG. People will only stop by and help the new guy's out every once in a while. When we used to be here constantly and using the banned threads as sideline entertainment. The responce time for, I need help w/ my MB will go through the roof. There were a few I've seen that we've almost provided real time support because the banned threads kept us arround on the site.
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    I won't be going over to the other forum. This forum gets far more traffic. I want my posts to get many views, so maybe I can sway some liberal minds with a dose of common sense. (even if they choose not to participate in the discussion)
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    arceeguy--You will need a biger tea cup to drain that ocean.

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    What you cant come to the forum i suggested?Theirs more traffic over there than here.
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    Hey Eastwood, thanks for the invite - but I'm not a survivalist (well, not yet at least - hehehe.....) so I don't really feel right joining the other forum just to debate politics.

    I know it seems silly, but I'd rather do it here at "home" vs. some other forum. If they choose not to allow edgy political debate here, that's OK - you won't hear another peep from me. For a while, we were running under a "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" understanding. (until Sparky ruined it all with his whining :jester: I keeed, I keeed....) There's some pretty hot topics out there that would be great to discuss with you guys, like the "Obama-Gates" controversy, etc.

    I'll still pop in to answer questions on HT engines, etc. So this isn't a "goodbye". The mods here have a tough job, and they do a good job of babysitting us kids. They deserve a medal, I really mean that!
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    Everyone here is into building riding and learning motorbikes....whats wrong with a little political discussion/argueing and insulting each other???informative..yes funny...yes........ do you think taking a pole here would do anything
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    MODS :ban: political threads, smilies picket

    Are they even allowed to organize???

    small membership fee would be fine by me, too adult section of site where anything could be discussed. It would be real cool if it came w/ an MBC.com back patch (reflective) when out on the bike!
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    Tiananmen square (smilie/chinese) version of protest! LOL
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    This is one of those rare times that RC and I come to a complete agreement. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing a ton of solutions to our world's problems -- NOT especially the political ones, but the ideas on economic, energy, education, etc. were flowing like I've never seen before -- and I enjoyed discussing these topics here! It's the people like SimpleSimon, Kerf, Arceeguy, & Machiasmort that make the discussions so unique, and I won't ever trade you guys for another forum... EVER!! :icon_cry::icon_cry::icon_cry:

    Unfortunately, *I* am nearing my farewell to MBc.

    As I understood it... this was a forum where MBers and MBettes could exchange ideas without much influence from The Man. All good and dandy, but how can The Man keep closing threads that the MBers want open?? ... and expect us to stay happy?? ... while the mods refuse to answer why certain threads are closed??

    The "No politics!" thread said:
    If a thread abides by the intent of the NO politics rule, such as discussing solutions to our energy, economic, & government control issues... why would mods close the thread? Why not delete specific posts and send infractions like the mods are supposed to do... and everybody wants them to do??

    What reason is there to close a thread that discusses Democracy 2.0, especially when you don't even know what it is?
    No conspiracies necessary, no polarization wanted, no political parties ever, and no name calling allowed.

    Give us someplace to discuss issues that we're all facing... or at least give us an answer as to why non-polarizing issues are considered politics!!
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    not sure about this site

    not sure about this site
    went there just to look

    1 guest and 0 users were on ??? makes it kind of hard to chat I would think ???

    don't look to be very interesting