Politics behind the green door

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    The fight has always been against the lies of the establishment.

    It doesn't matter if that establishment is of our own respective governments or that of the popes of old, or the despots of yesterday or today.

    The goal of the promoters of climate change is to strip America of power to bring in a global totaltarian government with a single world leader.
    If you want to see what that looks like, look at Russia.
    A picture of the future if their goal is not resisted strongly.

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    I agree -too bad in Canada they promised an abandonment of the gun registry with big headlines and fan fare (at least with guns you guys have some hope like at the Alamo of holding out)--now 2 days ago a tiny article in our local paper says the idea has been dropped--if they are going to abandon it why isnt it in the headlines of every paper what a scam --now the prime minister has perogied (i know the word is peroged but a perogie can plug up your system if eaten too much of )parliament for 2 months what a bunch of outright liers !!!
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