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    "All industrial nations, mainly the big ones, are responsible for the crisis of global warming," the latest tape says.


    Okay, now we finally have a reason to accept the idea of "Global Warming"... because Osama Bin Laden believes in it. :jester:

    Osama: "Me too... don't forget about me.... I'm important you know... relevant..."
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    Gee, it's almost ....... dare I say it ........ like he wants to collapse our economy.
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    that's funny cause it was snowing in Florida a few weeks ago... I bet they though the same exact thing.
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    It looks like the people of Mass. have given their response to the global lie (amid other things) at the voting booth.
    Did you notice the media all questioning "What went wrong" as their pick was turned away.
  5. safe

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    When Osama Bin Laden first spoke he told all the discontents of America to plunder America's wealth. (this was back in 2001)


    Shortly afterwards this guy:


    ...who was head of Fannie Mae ramped up all the policies that amplified the housing bubble.


    That's what Obama wants people to believe... the blame never goes to the true villians...
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    Osama, Obama - whatever. Not much difference in the spelling of their name or their agenda. One tried to destroy our economy and way of living through a terrorist attack. The other is doing it through policy.
  7. safe

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    L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
    Du ciel viendra un grad Roi deffraieur.
    Resusciter le grand Roi d’Angolmois.
    Avant que Mars regner par bon heur.

    In the Year 1999 and the seven months
    The Great King of "deffraieur" will come from the sky
    He will bring back the Great King of the "Angolmois"
    Before and after War rules happily


    People have thought the word "deffraieur" would be translated to mean "terror", but the original french has two meanings:

    "Terror" (as in the terror caused by a tax collector)

    "Debt" (the debt itself)

    ...seems that Nostradamus decided on a word with dual meanings.

    I kind of think that it was a hint for us, but few people agree with me. Nostradamus is sort of a side hobby I picked over the years.

    So in that sense the combination of "Terror" and "Debt" are all related to the same attack. (it's just a theory of course)

    The attempt to implement world socialism through the green movement would be part of such an attack.

    In Nostradamus the Third World essentially attacks the developed world (through terror) and it requires a character named "Chiren" who is a european to finally lead the Western powers to victory. However, before the war ends billions have died. The war starts with the "Two Brothers" fighting and they are most likely Russia and America, so the terrorist part of the war only happens after the nuclear part is over. The terrorists lose in the end.

    And that's all supposed to happen after 2012... but we don't know by how many years afterwards. 2012 is implied in the "Lost Book of Nostradamus" book of images as the time period, but it's not supposed to be exact. (at least I don't think it is)

    So this whole Global Warming thing seems to fit into the narrative of the darker skinned people seeking to annihilate the europeans.

    If you ever go to some of the more radical global websites they are filled with darker peoples boasting of their desires to attack... so the creepy folks are out there.


    And relax folks... I haven't lost my marbles... I just like to study Nostradamus as a hobby. (it doesn't rule my life)
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  8. professor

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    Safe, I suggest you research just where Nost. obtained his info.
    The guy was what we would call a "Medium" these days (an occultist).
    They get their information (the things they say) from the spiritual dimension.
    There are only 2 sections of that dimension out there - good and evil pretending to be good. We get to choose which one to listen to. Choose wisely.
  9. safe

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    Professor, you are 63...

    I'm 48 almost 49...

    When I was a kid I didn't believe in anything like being able to sense what was going on, but the older I get the better I seem to get at sensing things.

    Nostradamus has his narrative... I've read it... I understand it. So far I don't see anything in the reality we are living in that contradicts that narrative, so I'm not uncomfortable with it, but I also don't live by it or for it.

    A year ago everyone thought Obama was the "Golden Boy" and I felt like the only person on the planet that thought he was a pathelogical liar. Now that's the prevailing feeling for many. (so I'm not alone anymore)

    The debt globally is setting the world up for another war... all the things that are needed are in place, so it's not a major stretch to expect the obvious.

    I knew it was just a matter of time before the Third World would incorporate Global Warming into their "guilting" of the West.

    It was a no-brainer. (didn't really even need good senses to know)


    Probably the main thing (as I said in the "Declaration of Independence" thread) is for Americans to understand that being free of oil dependence is a good thing because it improves our position in a future war. Global Warming is now going to transition into a "terrorist tool" as another way to attack the West.

    We need to just say "No" to all of it...
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  10. andyszyd

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    Central Florida had 7+ freezing days in a row. I do not think it ever happened here since records are kept. That's probably a new cold record for Florida.

    There is a county North of Tampa Bay named Citrus County.

    As the name implies there were big commercial citrus growing there in the past.

    Not anymore.

    Because of frequent devastating freezes commercial Citrus growers voted with their feet moving their operation into South Florida over the years.

    If they had faith in AlGore and his apostles, and stayed where they were, they would go bankrupt many times over by now and we would have no orange juice to enjoy.

    Any religion or cult has a dogma of faifh and believers follow it without questioning what a particular religion teaches.
    There is nothing wrong with it as long as it is a religion.

    So does Global Warming cult. It has a dogma of Climate Change without any proof, and you must believe it and not question it.

    If the average temperatures goes up it is global warming.

    If we freeze for 1, 2, 10 or who knows how many years it is still global warming, because they want it to be and it is their dogma, so freezing is also a proof of Global Warming.

    Well, sorry I am not Global Warming church member.

    I am proud of my "carbon footprint". I try to breath deeply and exhale more CO2 cause it is good for me and good for environement.
    I barbecue as much as I please knowing that more CO2 is good for the green plants and trees which will convert it with help of sunlight releasing oxygen into atmosphere again, giving us food and fuel. It is an ongoing process and a closed circle and been happening without human intervention for millions of years and will still happen if we humans decide to selfdestruct.


    And green plants need CO2, the more CO2 the faster and larger they grow, and create more oxygen and green mass (food and fuel).

    The ruling elites kept rewriting various chapters of history for a while now they are trying to rewrite chemistry and organic biology declaring CO2 a "pollutant".

    And millions worldwide have been brainwashed into this lie. I was lucky that in my times biology and chemistry was still tought in high school, so I never had any doubt global warming is a hoax of the century since it started.
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  11. professor

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    Well said Andy. It is interesting to find more than a few on this site that know what has really been going on.
  12. safe

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    Global Warming seems to have been created initially by the global socialists as a mechanism to gain control. But now we are seeing the global "islamists" (Osama Bin Laden) using the Global Warming "tool" for their ends too.

    Basically the "progressives" and the "islamists" both want to change the world, but the end destination is different. With the "islamists" they want to create a world where government control is dispensed by a ruling religious order of clerics (like in Iran). With the "progressives" they want world socialism where a small group of "elites" rule based on their own ideas about a rational society.

    The end result is the same... government is on top and "The People" are on the bottom.

    ...both Obama and Osama want to create a world where government is the central power, but the nature of that absolute rule is different. They are in effect the same and different. Apples and Oranges.

    Freedom means that there is no government that rules "over" you.

    "We The People" simply need to become educated about the goals of the "progressives" and the "islamists" and not let them win.

    We can still win... it's not too late yet...

    The answer is to just tell the truth.
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  13. give me vtec

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    absolutely correct...
  14. andyszyd

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    Yes people, do not be afraid to speak the truth!

    Let,s roll!

    And save our Republic from all enemies foreign and domestic.
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    It's not about C02 !!!
    It's about water vapor !!!!
    Did you know that we have lost 25% of our WV from the upper atmosphere ..
    Thats causing cooling !!!!
    Yes the real issue is Global Cooling !!!!
    It seems some of our Scientific comunity has lost sight of real Science in order to jump on the " CAUSE " bandwagon.. Yes we are headed for a mini ice age !!! But not to worry we have had them before , It's just the natural order of things .... Man thinks he can control everything !!!! Thats obserd , and when this planet is done with us it will flick us off like a flee !!! So be happy don't worry have fun enjoy life ... Just remember the we are not in charge here , Just along for the ride, And what a ride it is !!!!
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    Could Warming Produce Cooling?

    Thirty-six years later there is still strong disagreement on what climate change really means for our planet. Some have postulated that warming temperatures will cause mass extinctions or uncontrollable migrations to better climates. Not least of the problems, they worry, might be that temperatures rising as much as 11 degrees over the coming century would cause crop failures, resulting in mass global outbreaks of starvation.

    Other scientists, however, claim that this period of warming will melt the freshwater glaciers of the north, flooding the Atlantic conveyor belt that brings warmer water up from southern regions and disrupting that current. Their scenario gives us, you guessed it, a new Ice Age.


    ...this is what I think will happen. We go through a period of rapid ice melt and then the system shifts into a new mode where the next Ice Age develops. People will be seeing all kinds of strange numbers because the transition point from warming to cooling always happens rapidly and erratically. This cycle of rapid warming then rapid cooling has happened over and over in the past.

    And in all those previous cases (in the past) man wasn't there to be blamed... so it just seems silly to be blaming mankind for something we know for a fact happens without mankind.


    But the larger picture is that the progressive socialists and now the islamists are "using" this flawed Global Warming concept as a "tool" against the free peoples. The reasoning goes:

    "Free people are bad because they harm the planet."

    ...this allows the tyrants to take over without firing a shot.
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