Politics in the Green Zone (the 'Moral Concience' thread)

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    Switching To Stealth

    We know the facts... the socialist agenda uses "Going Green" as a "tool" by exploiting "Useful Idiots" (like ourselves) to fall in love with the technology.

    Recently in Copenhaugen there was a group of pro-socialist protestors urging the Global Warming convention to press harder to take over the world and they want to do it by making "Going Green" their weapon.

    How do we fight them?

    :D If we join in with the pro-socialist protestors while being simply "Useful Idiots" they win and we lose because they get their way.

    :D If we go to a protest and stage a counter rally in opposition we would personally have a hard time not looking like hypocrites since we are addicted ourselves to the technology. Our counter rally is undermined by our own addictions.

    :D The only way I see to defeat the pro-socialist protestors is to stop giving them any assistance. We do that by no longer projecting enthusiam for any of the "Green Technologies" they want to see come into existance. Most of the pro-socialist protestors are not innovators... they will never produce anything themselves because their real goal is power, not technology.

    So as I see it we need to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for actually NOT advancing anything. We need to be Oscar Schindler and give the pro-socialist people nothing.

    I'm planning to simply "Go Underground" and stop posting information about ebikes on websites. I know that's a small act to take (about equal to voting) but if enough of the scientists and technologies make a stand and stop innovating in public that will slow things down.

    It's should be okay to have a "private stash" of innovation to satisfy your own need for technology fun... but let's start keeping it private. This means that maybe these forums themselves are a bad thing because they tend to stimulate ideas and innovation in people that might not have previously been hooked.

    We need to stop spreading the "drug" of technology addiction.

    Once these pro-socialist folks are defeated then we can come back out in public and business will again be free to innovate and make profits and all the other healthy things that economies do.

    Until the socialist thing is dead we are not helping things by advancing a tool that the socialists need to win...

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    Useful Idiots

    The term "Useful Idiot" was used by Stalin to describe loyal and idealistic followers of socialism who acted in ways that assisted his brutal regime but did so thinking they were "doing the right thing".

    :D During the dot.coms the "Useful Idiots" were those that believed that the companies they were working for really planned to succeed and not just burn up the startup cash. They were so blind they saved nothing for afterwards and many ended up broke.

    :D In the Housing bubble the "Useful Idiot" was a full believer in the sanctity of the home and the security that it's increasing equity would provide to everyone. People were so caught up by the love of easy money that they couldn't imagine it might end.

    :D Today the new "Useful Idiot" is in the "Going Green" movement and in the idea of a worldwide global control of carbon emissions. The "idiot" part is the believer that thinks that man can control the climate. The "useful" part is that people within corrupted governments are redirecting money to industries based on Green ideas while thinking it's for a "good cause". The "bottom line" is that "Going Green" is as much of a scam as was the dot.com scam... it's just another way to move money around from the innocent towards the evil.