Poor Man's Sprocket Truing



Here's a handy way to install the rear sprocket that I discovered today, after reading several posts and different gadgets that are a way lot more than what you need to get the job done. All you need is a couple of stools and and a piece of kite string. Install the inner rubber gasket. Lay the wheel flat across the stools so that you can reach under with a wrench to hold the nut.
Start 3 bolts thru the sprocket, outer retainer, and rubber gasket. Then install it on the spokes and attach the inner gasket and 3 inner retainers on the bolts you allready pushed thru. (1 for each in the middle). Tighten each bolt down just enough to make the gaskets have contact with the spokes.
Remove the nuts and anything else on the axel to where you only have the bearing retaining nut left. Don't take it off! Now take your kite string and tie a loop in the end of it big enough to slip easily over the axel. Rough in the sprocket by eye and get it as close as you can to center. Now pull the string
out to the teeth top and mark it with a sharpie or just hold it between your fingers with the string tight (not stretched) Move the STRING around the sprocket and check it. Adjust as necessary to get it where every position around the clock is the same. It is now trued to center. Tighten the single
bolts a little so that it won't move and then install all the other bolts loosely.
Tighten the bolts a little at a time opposing each other until the sprocket is secured. Check it one more time. Reinstall the axel nuts and stuff and mount it on the bike.

Note: you can also use high back chairs or high back bar stools to test it on.
Just put the chairs back to back and set the axel between the chair backs. (don't let your wife see you do this..lol) and give it a spin...

Hope this helps others...it worked for me
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