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    Hi, Im Popeye, Im from Nottingham England, I joined last year, have made a few posts and read a bit,
    now, I have collected together a stack of frames and other components, and soon, am looking to build a tadpole or quad (not sure yet) I don't weld myself but have a friend that does, at the moment im in the pre design phase looking at what i have and trying to "see" the design i have a nice looking 26" rear triangle that's making me lean towards tadpole just to ease the building but that is not what is boggling my mind and that is side mounting bmx hubs and basically front geometry and Ackerman see Ackerman rake and castor are all new words to me and im fumbling so shortly i will be taking photos of the parts i have and will be asking your combined expertise to help me have a proper blokes toy with a big 4t engine
    look forward to talking with you all

    sry for spelling bad gramma ;)

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    welcome back!