Clutch Popped the MAIN seal under clutch cover-any one else had this?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by djase10, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Similar to azbill....
    but not from behind pressure plate..
    this is it!!-- this is my problem!!!

    i dont know why search didnt find these links b4 i posted??


    Hi all.

    after nearly 3000Km ive had my first "real" problem with my 48cc.

    Bike Running perfect before this.

    What happend was my clutch cable snapped down at Pelican Point,

    i couldnt Bandaid the cable under tension (using front bake cable),
    I couldnt peddle
    and i couldnt walk the bike (with out lifting the back wheel for 10 KM)

    Luckily my cousin lived about 1.5KM away (he's bound to have a cable??).

    i awkwardly started the bike, but that was it ,
    i was just on for the ride at that moment,

    Its when it came to "stopping the engine"
    is where my problem occured.
    I could only stop it by DE-acceleration--

    I had a gut feeling as soon as i done this
    that something NOT GOOD was in progress..

    I then
    repaired the cable, SWEET.

    But the bike JUST didnt run AS it did only hours before.

    top speed of only 26KM getting home .

    I think 99% ----that i have popped a MAIN seal of the small gear thats under the clutch cover, as upon removal of the cover, there was thick oily spray covering the clutch components- and the inside of the cover.

    (its not until after i posted this that i found azbill had a similar problem,
    (i did search b4 posting , but it returned nothing revlevent )

    I havnt removed / stripped motor to be 100% , but this "oily MIX'
    tells the story , ..

    My laziness to walk / lift rear wheel 1.5KM . ..
    shortened my engines life...
    temporarily perhaps, ( if it is the seal and if it can be replaced).

    engine still starts and idles as normal--
    its when UNDER LOAD -its just NOT RIGHT==============AIR SUCTION , ..

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, its a bit it of an epic..

    regards Jase
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  2. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Engine = Main seals

    Here is a picture of the pair of main seals for the HT engine.
    50cc & 70cc

    note: the two different thicknesses .


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  3. Bronzebird

    Bronzebird Member

    So you are saying you had to stall the engine whille it was running to stop?
    Hold kill switch till tires stop turning to keep from lug stop.

    That bottom seal has been an issue for several riders here. Your clutch cable break and stopping technique may have something to do with the compression cycle inside cylinder while trying to de-accelerate?
  4. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Yeah mate, still had good compression..

    Yeah Bronzebird, exactly .

    I got to say,
    what i have learn t through this drama
    is that the
    Compression,, even after all these km's is fantastic,
    resilient rings...
  5. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Replaced Main seals- Bike is running SWEET!!

    Ok , i can finally put the thread to rest..

    Replaced Main seals- Bike is running SWEET AGAIN!!

    running just perfect---- Great for such a high KM / Mileage motor....

    Just needs the expansion chamber fabricated , and a smaller rear sprocket to be better -36T preferably ..

    So to cap it off, -
    1):Sudden power loss under load

    2):if you have oily residue -/oily sludge
    under THE
    magneto cover
    clutch cover,

    thanks for reading
  6. sunsetboy

    sunsetboy Member

    36t and a tons of black goo!

    Thanks for the scoop. Friday, coming home from work, I wound the heck out of my motor on a slight downhill running a 36t rear sprocket and a "80"cc motor when I noticed a sudden power loss. I thought it is was my rear hub melting but went home anyways. I lost ignition power 50ft from the house and opened up the magneto cover to discover black goo all over the place. I thought this might be PCB's or something and swapped out the magneto but my clutch slips and slides like a waterpark. Now I know that the culprit is the main seal. And I just ordered another motor,lol. Now I have 3 donor motors to rely on for scavenged parts.:idea: