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    i love these old magazines :)

    whats online is augmenting my own collection :)

    in between the wacked up ideas, and oddball inventions, theres always plenty of reading, and when you get consecuitive issues, plans for things are nice :)

    there once was a time people had lathes and made insane little gizmos in the basement.

    nowadays everyone watches the telly (or youtube) and just wonders how anyone ever made anything.

    in some regards, weve leapt forward miles!

    in some regards we are all just cavemen brandishing sharp pointy sticks and crowing cus we "invented" a "new tool"...


    100 people in a plane! ridiculous! sheer impossibility!

    or...a machine that will take dictation? mere science fiction!


    only just getting through that lil quandary now!

    and of course, ill just pull out my handy pocket calculator...


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    oh yeah. but i do still like flicking through old yellow paper, the edges crumbling with age... and there are still quite a few issues missing...or maybe im still looking in the wrong places...

    i read in bed, and well...cant throw a kindle, and you definitely cant catch mozzies with them! lol. always a memory, flicking through a book! hey! that was that night that i was eating nachos! mmmm, chilllli....
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    But do they have the near 100 year old "Lincoln Library Book of Essential Knowledge"?More importantly, will a kindle ever strike your olfactory system with the smell of an old book?Smells make your mind work so much quicker (hints of grandma cookie smell, brings /sights/sounds/feelings up), how much cognitive expediency is lost with a glass screen?Just a thought, I love the smell of antique books/guitars.
    Revision: I actually found a virtual supply (I think), look at the price!!Again, my hardcover physical book has that old book smell, requires no batteries, and will be usable for another 100+ years.Cost,... free.http://www.thelincolnlibrary.com/llessential.html
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    Why can't YOU throw a kindle?
    My wife can! 21.2' record holder~