Porkchop's First Build...Scwhinn Suburban

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Porkchop, May 1, 2009.

  1. Porkchop

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    Here are a few photos of my first motor bike. Friction drive Schwinn Suburban With friction drive kit from bikemotorparts.com. The engine is from a gasoline powered auger sold by Harbor Freight. Easy kit to assemble. Took me about an hour to do it all. No mods. Just sweet and simple. Hopefuly it'll give me many miles of good dependable fun.

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  2. crazeehorse

    crazeehorse Member

    Thats Cool, Clean, & Neat. I've thought of buying that engine for a build, plus you could always remove the engine, & dig a few post holes. multi-tasking. how do you like the engine ? speed, pulling, etc.
  3. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    I like the engine O.K. I've had it for almost 2 years. It was a replcaement for an auger that got stollen. Never fired it up until I put it on the bike. I was afraid it was going to be loud, but surprisingly it's pretty quiet. I've put only about 3-4 miles on my bike so far. This is my first build, so I don't have another one to compare to. I've had the bike up to 24mph on a flat, which is fast enough for me. And then again, the engine is not broken in yet. Where I live and the type of riding I'll be doing, I think the engine is adequate. If you're interested in that engine, go to bikemotorparts.com and check their engine info link. They list a few sites where you can purchase several different small engines. There's an engine there that looks identical to this one from Harbor Freight, different name, but probably the same thing for around $110.00 give or take a few dollars. Not advertising for BMP, just trying to help fellow bikers.
  4. Rich 240

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    Nice build on that Schwinn.
    I just put a friction drive on a folding Dahon.
    I had previously built the two stroke in-frame engine kit.
    By way of comparison, for every hour riding the China 2 stroke, I spent probably 2 hours fixing broken stuff or adjusting one thing or another versus 1 hour of riding my friction drive four stroke, I spend the time it takes to put gas in it...that's it.
    I hope you will be as happy with yours as I am with mine.
    Sure, it's got a few drawbacks compared to the China Girl but for my use, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.
    Good Riding!
  5. crackers

    crackers Member

    PC, nice job! I really like that set up with the rack, so clean an simple. My first motorized bike was an MX5 friction driven frame mount. I almost went with that same type kit you have but I was afraid being only 5'7'' I might have trouble mounting and dismounting. I saw vidio clips on u-tube (Bicycle engine kit-install & test ride 1&2) But they never showed anybody mounting or dismounting the bike, thought that was kinda funny. I would still like to build one. Let me know if you think I would have a problem or not with clearing the engine with my leg while getting on or off. Again nice bike!
  6. ENO

    ENO Member

    Hey Porkchop..ENO (Oz)..Checked out your pics..Does the weight of the motor on the right hand side offset the balance of the bike ?..or do you throw sparks off your left kneecap to compensate on corners...Nice clean looking ride..and the build time..nothing like playing with your present on the day you get it.
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  7. vegaspaddy

    vegaspaddy Member

    congrats there porkchop nice and clean thats one of the plus+ with the friction drive.

    crackers the unit is sitting over the back wheel so it does not effect your ability to get on and off your bike any differently with or without the engine just make sure you have a bike that fits your size. I do recommend a good quality bike stand for you though, help with the extra weight issues, there are a couple of threads around here to read up on.
  8. crackers

    crackers Member

    Vegaspaddy unless at 59 I don't no the correct way to get on and off a bicycle the engine is going to be in the way of my leg as I swing it over the rear tire to get on! Unless of course I'm getting on a women's bicycle with a step through frame.
  9. vegaspaddy

    vegaspaddy Member

    Holly smolly, we have had alot of grumpy newbies show up lately, no punt intended on your knowledge of getting on a bike !!!!!!!

    Ok i understand you problem now, the engine kit does put on some extra height there, and yes you might have an issue if mount swinging your leg over


    This is a pic of my friction setup and as you can see its comes up to the bottom of my seat, which is low for me anyway as this is my cruising bike....

    If i were you i would get a cardboard box cut to size, from pics you see of mounts on here) temp stick it there and see if you can swing your leg over, this will tell you straight away if this setup will work for you.
  10. crackers

    crackers Member

    Sorry if I sounded grumpy but I was looking for clearance info! I like your idea of using a box for a mock up. My problem is going to be with the width not the height. How wide should the box be, and if measuring from the center of the tire how far to the right and how far to the left? Thanks Crackers
  11. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member


    Hi Crackers. I think the issue of you getting on your bike with a rear mounted engine is more of an issue with you and your bike, not the engine. I'm actually about 5'-10". My seat post is down as far as it will go. When I bought the bike, I wanted one that I could straddle with both feet flat on the ground and one that when sitting on the seat and peddaling, my legs were extended almost straight out when on the down storke. I have to lean my bicycke over when getting on or off of it with or without the engine. As far as the balance of the bike, I haven't noticed any difference while riding it. If you look closely at my photos, you'll see I had to put a rear mounted kick stand on the bike. The extra 15-20 pounds from the engine (engine and mounting kit combined) causes the bike to want to fall over. It would actually lift the front wheel off the ground, pivot about the kick stand and fall over, although it never actually hit the ground. I had to put a piece of a wooden 1x4 underneath the kickstnd to keep it form actually falling over until I put the new rear mounted kisk stand on it. The new kick stand made all the difference in the world. The bike stands firm and secure now. Hope this helps. If you have more questins, let me know ! I'm happy with my cruiser.
  12. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    To Crackers

    I just re-read the replies here. Sounds like Vegaspaddy and I pretty much said the same thing about your issue ! Looks like we both think it's mainly an issue with your bike. Not the addition of the engine and it's location ! Good luck !

    ..... PC .....
  13. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    You guys from down under ! Everything's backwards to you ! The engine is on the left side ! Guess it depends on how you look at it. From the front or the rear. No sparks yet. I'm not that brave...or crazy yet. Like I said in another post, it took a little less than an hour to put that kit together. Took several hours for me to replace the gear shifters and get all the gear shift cables calibrated and working properly. It has been many years since I tinkered with bicycles and I had to get my memmory refreshened. After figuring it all out again, it was a piece of cake. If I was installing that same kit on any bike today, provided everyhting was a 100% straight bolt on with no mods, I could probably do the whole kit in 30-40 minutes. It's that easy !
    If I ever get to Newcastle, I'm gonna fiond and steal your red chopper. Of course I won't dare start the engine until I know I'm out of hearing range. You know ?With those pipes your son keeps putting on it ! Ha ! Ha ! Seriously though, I love that bike. Decided they're to small for me, so I'm not going to bother with finding one anymore. Later !

    ..... PC .....
  14. ENO

    ENO Member

    Yeh Porkchop...Upside down and back to front..Cant blame Oz for that, its probably me in my trance sitting at the screen for to long..I have to look around for suitable ride for my 6'3 frame so I can ride with "Hellboy" on his "church organ" bike..With the weight of his bike I reckon Ill have the lead most of the time..Over and out..ENO
  15. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    Yo Eno ! I'm left handed, so most things are backwards to me too ! But I've always heard that everyone's born left handed, you become right handed after you commit your first sin !
  16. ENO

    ENO Member

    Hey Porkchop..Left handed people are more abstract while right handed people are more concrete in their thinking....As you most likely already know left handed people have a dominant right hemisphere in their brain (and vica versa)..You can look at things upside down and your right hemisphere processes the image well and reorganises it. As I am right handed my left hemispere wants everything as is and concrete, and takes longer to process the upside down image... Get hold of a book called "Drawing with the right hand side of your brain" (Dr Betty Edwards) youll be amazed how well YOU can draw images upside down and when you turn them around they are usually proportionate and true to the image. the book has a lot of exercises that prove the point...Anyway..got carried away..better go and earn some bucks..See ya. ENO...(or ONE back to front)...www.drawright.com/
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  17. vegaspaddy

    vegaspaddy Member

    firstly i would like to apologize to porkchop for stealing his pic thread,

    crackers start a thread in rackmounts that way all the guys with racks will be able to help you out !!!!!

    some measurements for you, this is of the staton kit, maybe porkchop can give you the measurements for the bikemotorparts.com kit

    For the width you are looking at the kit sticking out from the center of the tire (leftside)out to the edge of the motor is around 10 inchs, non drive side 2-3 inchs, Height from top of tire to high side of engine is around 9 inchs.

    The selection of engine could also play a factor for you, the engine i have is the mits 43 2 stroke and porkchops clone looks pretty much the same. Something like the robin 4 stroke sticks up higher but if height isnt a factor that is a good 4 stroke option for you.

    Ok if your happy with the size i recommend you also ordering a good quality stand like the one below, holds the bike solid and it wont fall over unless you really give it a hard knock, or the one porkchop is made by greenfield (which is also on my friction !!!!) and the local bikeshop usually carries them which i also have on my friction...

    Hi porkchop now this is scary if your bike had have been red then that would have be way to close !!!!!!

    http://www.motoredbikes.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=9209&d=1216163583 pic of stand holding my GEBE setup.
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  18. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    Huh ?

    What's this talk about stealing my photo thread ? I bought my kick stand at a local shop for $20.00. Don't recall seeing a name on it. All I can say about it is it works and works well and I'm happy with it. It does hold the bike firm and sturdy. Yesterday I took off the factory supplied stand. It's of no value anymore. It doesn't even touch the ground with the new rear mounted stand. And what do you mean about my bike being red. ? Matching the engine color, or is your bike red ? Red is my favorite color. I wish my bike was red. One of my cars and my 4 wheeler are red. The bike came in only that color fo blue when I bought it. I am considering paint my engine mounting hardware blue tomatch my bike though. Haven't decided if it's worh taking apart, painting and reassembling. I have a sand blast cabinet. Maybe one of these days when I run out of things to do ! And for the record, I'm not ticked in any way. I think this message might sound like I am. Why would I care about you stealing my thread. It's out there for the world to see anyway ! I'll be glad to help anybody if I can ! You don't owe me an apology.

    ..... PC .....
  19. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    To Vegaspaddy

    Never mind ! It's late and I'm more brain dead than normal. I figured out what's going on here. I went to the begining of this thread and realized I started it. You do not owe me an apology. I've noticed how as a thread progresses, the subject gets way of tangent sometimes. No big deal. It's happend to me and lot of other people. I think your post was legit here. We're both just trying to help Crackers. Now that Eno fellow from down under is another story ! Hee ! Hee ! I threatend to go to Australia and steal his red chopper. But I decided it would be a lot cheapper to stay home and buy one or build one ! Later !
  20. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    Crakers & Vegaspaddy Kick Stand

    I checked out the link Vegaspaddy posted about the kick stand. I had one of those 2 legged kick stnads yeas ago. I thought about one for my present bike but didn't really consider it at all. I don't think it would work to well on my bike. I knew I needed somethng that mounted close to the engine that would stick out far enough to support the bike. I thought I might even have to take the stand I have and get my machine shop buddy to fabricate an extension onto it. But it works great like it is. My bike is a little top heavy now with the engine, while it is sitting still, but I don't notice it while riding.