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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by thuginfc, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. thuginfc

    thuginfc Member

    is there anywhere i could send off my spare jug and head to have it ported and milled??

    also if there is enough info around i might try it myself

  2. spunout

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    yeah, you might want to try Jim. he does all that stuff.

  3. AussieSteve

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    Don't know where you could send it. Someone might if you mention where you are.

    There's plenty of info around. Did you try searching? For a start, check out the threads listed at the bottom of this page:- 'porting', 'Porting', 'porting' and 'Porting? what are you guys doing about this?'

    ... Steve
  4. 210061741

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    I have done some porting.
    Blended the Transfers in the Crankcase.
    There was a huge nasty step there.

    Theres a place called macdizzy or something.
    Google it.

    Shows step by step how to do a port map and with that you could make some desions.

    Other than makeing the ports wider i'd be very careful.
    A little too much and it won't run.

    Anyway i'm getting ready to portmap a PK80 slant head.
    I'll take pics and try to put something together.