porting tight holes...

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  1. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    not anythng of anything, just a few links to what been thinking of purchasing lately...


    cute lil 45 degree head dentist drills :)


    and, of course, WC tools to suit. they are much smaller than a dremel.

    theres also a lower speed one that takes the 2.35 mm bits, but i think for now, one of these will do :)

    cant find much info on em, but i believe you get the right hose and adaptor and just hook up to air supply. good enough for me :)

  2. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    I would double check on what the bits are made of to get an idea if they are strong enough to be working on metal.
  3. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    ahem. WC.

    wolfram carbide....

    in a 1.6mm shank, mainly diamond. hard to find the tungsten ones.

    they both work, carbides faster in alloy, especially dry. diamond needs a lot of kerosene.

    no, they arent fast. and they are very delicate.

    you find another grinder for less that can get down in there...

    there is the slower speed 2.35 mm type, with a right angle head. also just as useful.

    only other thing ive seen is a 300 dollar micro die grinder with angled head. they dont even come with an optional coolant nozzle! and are still quite large. definitely useless on anything under 50.

    oooh, a possum!
  4. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    Tooth enamel is a 5 on the mohs hardness scale, aluminum is a 2.5. Dental drill bits should work just fine.
  5. k-wad

    k-wad Member

    Cool idea!
    However, I think the noise would drive me insane!
    Those things make a noise that invokes nightmares in children around the globe! :ee2k:
  6. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    CC Specialty tools is the last word in proper 2-stroke porting tools

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  7. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    cc tools is very expensive, catering to a market of professionals that can claim tax returns on such expenditures.

    i believe each tool is serial numbered and he refuses to sell to or service equipment owned by the "abusive" if they dont mend their ways. (when you have to replace certain parts, its obvious)

    mind you, they are some very nice tools. just outside the average hobbyist or part time porters type of budget. i also dont see anything with a 45 degree angled head...

    i personally think the sound is the part ill find most appealing :wacko:

    also, note the size of the cylinders...off 250's. try doing a 25cc job :eek:
  8. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    one thing at a time...

    i got rich!

    i just got broke again!

    i better do my tax return and get rich again!

    anyways. one 45 degree head dentist drill, and just then ebay suggested 2x standard dentist drills for $26 with free shipping, so i couldnt help myself and made the splurge (actually, looking closely...they be the kind the guy is actually using in that first vid as linked by fabian...very small, right angle head, thats kicked back at about a 10-15 degree angle from the main handpiece.)

    and and and, two sets of 1.6mm shank CARBIDE burrs. that be tungsten carbide, for people unfamiliar with the term "wolfram". i doubt ill ever find titanium or tantalum carbide tools, or ones listed as such. truth be told, most WC is actually a TiC anyways!

    all other cash on me card has gone towards sealing rope for my fireplace, a much needed accessory at this time of year! and erm....brushless motors and stuff for my rc boat... i have WAY TOO MANY HOBBIES!

    and really...i gotta go see the dentist myself... oops :jester:

    cmon mr tax man, you owe me LOTS this year :)
  9. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    ALDI has a micro porting tool set and a small grinder with a flexible shaft extension.

    I have no idea how good or how bad the quality is but it might be worth a trip to ALDI, considering you can return the items if they don't live up to expectations.
  10. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    i have enough "dremel"

    sorry, my bad...my kiwi mate always has a go about how us aussies call things by a brand name...its a pressure washer cleaner, not a gerni or karcher...

    so, "rotary grinding tools"... i have more than enough, and none of them will do the job. have you tried? you can "just" clean up burrs on transfers, but run risk of destroying the cylinder walls, and theres definitely no chance on really opening things up, or re-angling either!

    nah, thanks for the heads up, but my purchasing is done! and i have a real air compressor now!!! roadside score, they had fried the centrifugal switch in the motor, then ripped off its capacitors...nothing too daunting for this lil boy :jester: standard cap start/run motor, just needed some tinkering. $500 for nothing :) so now the cheapo single cylinder pos' are being used as accumulator tanks, motors are in my scrap heap, where they belong!

    it will need a box for the electricals, before someone gets done!

    actually, it was a flexi shaft on my drill press that convinced me it was time the dreads had to go... dang that hurt! and of course, scissors are always "just" out of reach! :jester: it would have made a great video!!!!

    a real issue with a lot of cheap tools is bearings, shafts and runout. im hoping, that while cheap...dentist drills are at least , erm...rigid? nothing worse than destroying two hours work due to the tool being slightly wobbly... except destroying two days work!
  11. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    not the fastest shipping ive had from china...but darn well close!

    i think it was less than a week! one small, 45 degree head dentist drill in my filthy lil mitt :) sounds even better than expected....fwiiiiii! ffffwwwwiiiiiii!!!!!!

    now, it beat the pair of RC boat props i ordered a month ago, and well...im impatiently waiting for my carbide burrs to turn up. GRRRRR!!!!! almost time to go see the dentist, me thinks... all i have at the moment is a 1.6mm drill bit...


    i did say filthy, didnt i? and this is relatively clean for me :)

    note the size of that head! access? i reckon i can do a teeny weeny lil nitro engine with this thing!

    i suppose, i guess...i think its time i ordered a new engine or two. theres nothing just sitting on the shelf! i am not hacking into the two that are running and in frames! and i sorta scrapped everything else... :icon_cry: has it seriously been more than a year since i bought an engine? how time flies!

    all this just gives me time to setup some air hoses and a foot valve. find a clear space on a bench somewhere...once i figure out where a bench is exactly...

    oh, saw that grinder set at Aldi...oh yeah. best that one spends their money elsewhere in that regard... but the lil "renovator" tool...i gotta get me one of those!
  12. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    :willy_nilly:theyre here, theyre here:willy_nilly:!!!!!

    whole assortment of tiny lil 1.6mm carbide burrs!!!!!

    my post man loved me today and bought me LOTS of things!

    to the scrap heap!:smash: find a dead brushcutter cylinder:freak: thorough testing mandatory! after another vodka and orange:drunk:

    they worked on the fin of my compressor head and my thumb nail! :freak:

    the things i find close at hand... :wacko:

    mmmm, conical tapers, spherical round end, inverted tapers...oh my!!!!!:mad5: