Ports, Carburetor, Exhaust Questions.

I have asked the guy at california motor bikes questions right on his website and he always answers fast. usually by the time I go back to my home page. He might have piston you need and tell you right size
Hope that helps

I might have them around here somewhere I have a lot of old motor parts from different motors but the one that's in question is a Zeda 80 so for the specs I can go see what they say on there site
This PDF below may be of some help as it is a technical brief containing a comparison of the differences between the “Zeda80” 2-
Stroke Engine and the commonly available 2-Stroke Engines known as the “PK80” and the “GT5” and specifies the sizes of the cranks as well as high or low hole piston etc. in those specs.

When you click on it, it will automatically download into your computer for you...I don't know what it will do or where you will find it if your using your cell phone though...lol.


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No worries I am fairly tech savvy. As well as I have 2 exceptional resources with amazing knowledge just not the tools to put a lot of it to good use


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