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  1. snakedoctor

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    Does anyone have expertise knowledge of where the roller should be positioned on the tire? Should the roller be directly on top of tire, or towards the rear of the tire, or towards the front? Just curious.

  2. professor

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    Why would it matter Doc? The big thing is the roller needs to be in line with the wheel as it rolls, if it exerts any squirm against the tire it will cause wear.
  3. Other than making sure the roller is mounted to run on the center of the tire and perpendicular to the tire (90 degrees) it will make little difference whether it mounts to the front or rear of the axle line.
  4. jim_himself

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    I agree....
    I've tried moving the roller around on my friction drive it makes no difference so long as it is centered on the tire.
  5. Happy Valley

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    We had a long discussion I remember back a couple years on this and as usual Lou chimed in with some of the best technicals and sketches linked below.
    The only other consideration I might ask about is if you're running a 4 stroke and how level you want it to sit when it's engaged?


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    With a diaphram carb motor like a weed eater the position of the motor doesnt matter. If using a honda/hs/titan type motor the engine will operate best if positioned horizontally. Its gravity fed and youll get the most use out of your fuel in the tank atop the motor. If the motor isnt perfectly level it messes with the float too and fuel will leak out of the overflow tube.
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    The smaller Hondas (GX23/35) have diaphram fuel pump carbs, and can be operated in any position. The GXH50 does have a gravity fed carb by default. (You can add a separate pulse diaphram fuel pump, though, driven by the varying vacuum in the intake.)
  8. Happy Valley

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    For fuel yes I know it makes little difference if the engine is level but my comment was more in reference to crankcase oil for the mini 4 strokes.
    From what I understand the GX35 has an oil pump thus good for all position use but I've seen mention here from some guys about problems with the EHO35 not being level on some drive set-ups and fouling issues.
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