Possible alternatives to GEBE's heavy duty wheels.

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  1. bmg50cal

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    Last night on a ride, the rear wheel I put on my bike failed; a bunch of the spokes are loose now. By the time I started to notice the vibration, I was already 12 miles from home. I didn't have the tools needed to attempt to work on it with me, so I had to it ride home on it as it got worse.

    The wheel is a 26 x 1.5 36H 14G double wall alloy bolt-on freewheel made Wheel Master that I bought from a local shop. I had to put a longer axle in, but that was the only change I made to that wheel. The engine is still in break-in, as I've only put about 100 miles on it.

    I don't know if the wheel is salvageable. I'll check it out, but even if it is salvageable I'll not use it with the GEBE. Just to get back into operation I'm going to pull the long axle from the Wheel Master and put it on the wheel I pulled from the bike, hopefully it will hold hold long enough to order a much stronger wheel.

    I'm looking for alternatives to the wheel that GEBE sells since they only sell a rear wheel with a freehub and I'm not really wanting to throw away my freewheel and buy a cassette.

    So far this is what I've found, does anyone have any opinions or know of any other alternatives with freewheel hubs?


  2. Bill P

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    You could check the staton-inc web site, he's known for selling quality stuff.

    This guy isbin your area if still operational. http://www.thewheelmaster.com/
  3. bmg50cal

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    Thanks, I just looked at Staton-inc, they have one that might work.

    As for thewheelmaster, I've seen his site and was considering emailing him for prices.
  4. Bill P

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    I had the GEBE wheel, HUGE spokes seemed like it would last forever.
  5. Bonefish

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    Did you ever have any problems with your GEBE wheel? So far mine is holding up well, but it has little use.Thanks
  6. oops37

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    gebe wheel

    I have had my wheel for 6 years 8000 miles it is great
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    If you have picts. of your bike. I would like to see. If you look at reply box, at the top below the title, there is a paperclip and a picture, for atttachements or to insert image. Thanks
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    I have a video on you tube just enter street legal motorized bicycle in fl.