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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by augidog, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. augidog

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    i don't want to step on anyone's toes, i am aware this is a contentious issue.

    i'm going to post links here to proposed moves, and invite others to do the same.

    in all fairness, i invite any OP to speak up if he or she isn't comfortable having your thread placed here.

    this one by "210061741" inspired me to take action: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=24163

    how to? copy the shortcut, paste it here...please credit the OP.
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  2. sparky

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    I'm looking at all of this from strictly an organizational matter in terms of turning every state toward becoming an MB-friendly state... if they aren't one already.

    Here are some of the threads on such an issue (perhaps just link to them (shortcut), not necessarly move them from the legislation section...)...

    - The Motored Biker Revolution!!; Let's get it on!
    - What's needed?;... to woo our "representatives"?
    - Sent the following to the Illinois DMV; great precedent for initiating contact with gov't.
    - Motorized Bicycle Users Under Attack in Indiana!!!; precedent with "defending" ourselves.
    - FEDERAL LAW SAYS YES !!! And now State Law too ? Yes !!!!; the original nationwide thread, which is largely outdated in that there is no federal law whatsoever.
    - Legislative Listing; the modern legislative version.
    - How Many States Allow Motorized Bicycles?; the testimonial version.
    - Gas Bikes OK in OK... Except on Turnpikes; THE model for an MB-friendly state.

    Hopefully we can really organize something from all the material in these links.
  3. augidog

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    early focus is paying off now, i love it.

    there's some stuff there i was never aware of, i'm glad someone was keeping tabs. is OK an example we want to look closely at? methinks YES. oops, sorry, that's for another new-topic when someone's ready to talk about it.

    sparky, this is a big move, i'm thrilled to see you get into this. what a great "primer" your list of links is, and nice descriptions too :)

    so, let's try to go a layer deeper, and then we can ask Tom for his final moves. trust me, he's very into his forum finally having some green(door) space.

    what do you think of this?
    any of those links that benefit from focused discussion would have to be considered for moves, i think...anything there that is reference, well, a link would suffice, no? we could ask for a move of your post into a topic (by sparky) that could be maintained for reference links, and keep collecting general candidates here for placement elsewhere.

    eventually things will catch up, we won't need this thread, and only the reference topic will stay active.

    whatever's best for you, it's your work, and of course anyone else's who wants to get involved :)

    meantime, anyone else have any more move- or reference-suggestions? other input too, we might as well turn this topic into our organizational think-tank.
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  4. sparky

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    Yea, I'm not really sure how moderating works... so I wasn't sure if you could just "symbolically link" those threads instead of having to do a hard move, so that if you bump the thread in one forum, it actually bumps it in both...

    Looks like that's not the case. And either way, creating a new post with those links in the OP would definitely suffice.

    As for this being my project... maybe last year. Far too much stuff on my plate for the next few months. Most everything has really been done, but we do need a manager and/or administrator. Really just somebody to collect funds if we decide to go that route for postage. Good God, I just realized it'd cost us $0.44 PER LETTER!! I guess we're entitled to bulk rate mailing, too, eh??

    Dunno about all the details, but we still need some brainstorming, and we most definitely need somebody to crack the whip. I've got AT LEAST $200 toward the cause if others are serious. Don't wanna p1ss my money away in letters if I'm the only one sending 'em, tho. :dunce:
  5. augidog

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    i'm riding in the spring...and hoping like heck some more folks get involved before then. and all i meant was you got the ball rolling...i wonder how far can a ball roll if hundreds of folks kick it just a little bit?

    anyways, i'm beered & listening to 70's pop...after a couple great sea-level cold-air laps with kevin...so i should stop for the nite while i'm ahead...all safe at home ;)
  6. ibdennyak

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    Good links Sparky.....I was surprised at some of the info in there that I had missed the first time around. And yeah....Oklahoma looks to be a great model. Maybe a little unrealistic to expect every where, but looks to be very MB friendly.