Ebay Possible GX35 EHO35 replacements?

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by grinningremlin, Oct 20, 2013.

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    If you go to BNEs site they come in red too. Not anywhere does it say what clutch comes with the motor, looks like the 78mm though. Lifan should be a great quality motor too, their 70cc Honda clones are bullit proof.
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    Great find...
    I had a larger 98cc 4 stroke Lifan and wouldn't hesitate to buy another Lifan product.
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    Decided the Viper was too rough and I wanted to go 4 stroke anyway so I snagged one of these guys, came in today. Superficial quality is much nicer than the Viper, smooth, parts put together well, good design. One ding for the plastic on-off knob being smashed, but I wasn't going to use it anyway. Throttle assembly is set up with a lever, and I'll have to rig something to use a cable, so I haven't taken it out for a ride yet. Fired it up on the rack, easy to start. Idles fairly quietly, full throttle won't disturb the neighborhood. Doesn't turn the bike into a giant vibrator, sorry Miley. Let it idle for 15 minutes, no problems. So far, so good.

    Got the throttle fixed up and took it out for a spin. Staton FD on a Trek 850 Antelope. Six mile loop up a hill and back down. Didn't require pedal assist up the hill, but leg power definitely helped. Noise levels are reasonable.. Not going to win any speed races but for getting around town it will do just fine.
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