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    The price is a shocker. But 50 watts usable for 12 watts spent is a pretty powerful lure.
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    yeah it's a bit pricey but when compared to other light systems for bikes it isn't so bad. By my rough guesstimate this light might last in excess of 20 hours. Probably would be good too for an emergency light source paired with a solar cell, for your home.
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    The luxeon k2's are good hardware. My flashlights with unregulated K2's running at 4.5v a piece don't even heat up so it would make sense that 3 would run well and reliably at 12v. Beam focus is key though. If these things don't have the right reflector the lights going to be wasted no matter how good it is.
    Check out dealextreme. I was looking at some aurora flashlights that took 12-17v input and output about 900 lumens. The flashlights were at least 2 to 5 modes from high/low beam to flashing etc. I was thinking about getting a pair but they seem kinda long for my taste. I'd have to cut them down. Painful idea when it comes to a $50 flashlight. But still a much better deal than just the emitter for more dough.
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    The 12 W triple LED can't be focused as their single LED, 4 W version can.

    Both these replacement 'bulbs' run on anything from 6 to 12 volts, BTW.
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    I tried one of those 53 led lights. They mostly just glowed. The big problem with them is that their mounting system is weak. I doubt seriously thay would stand up long to a regular bicycle , but on my motorbike it lasted about one day