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    I am looking into getting a motorized bicycle for the Summer, and for when I move to Milwaukee at the beginning of Fall. I was interested in these a couple years ago when the kits started popping up all over the internet, but never really got into it, but today I saw a guy riding one around and stopped to talk to him. He was riding a Schwinn Beach Cruiser, and apparently he builds these and sells them. The deal is, he buys a brand new Beach Cruiser, puts on an 80cc engine, working front and rear lights, and upgraded tires/tubes and some other small things for $475, which isn't too bad. I figured, why not have tons of fun driving this thing around every day when it's nice outside, and get 5x the gas mileage? I could have one of these by as early as tomorrow :devilish:

    I just plan to use it for basic city transportation. I won't do any crazy gearing mods or anything like that, it is scary to think about riding a bicycle any faster than 35 mph lol.