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    In the last few days, we've gotten several questions about member post counts 'shrinking.'

    The underlying problem was that the member post counts have not matched they number of posts that the member has actually made for some time - they were grossly inflated!

    The issue appears to have been a result in the way the forum software (vBulletin) tracks counts. Rather than re-count the posts each time you create a post, delete a post, or we move a post, (which can be time/resource intensice,) the software increments or decrements a member post counter in the database.

    There is (possibly, was) a bug in this part of the software though, which I believe showed up when we added the new forums (and moved threads between the old and new forums) in our big reorganization a couple of years ago... and many members posts apparently ended up getting counted twice!:whistling:

    The vBulletin folks are aware of this problem, and have a utility which the admin can run to count the member's posts, and reset their post count to the correct value. Which was apparently done a few days ago.

    When I started looking into it, I thought that some of the forums may have been set to not be included in the displayed member post count.

    In discussions with Tom, I had mentioned that the other sites where I've modded or admined, off-topic forums, like our white zone or combustion chamber forums, aren't included in member post counts, as in the past, we'd had new members make the majority of their posts in the off topic forums, which pumped up their post counts, and when they had replied to technical topics their inflated post count had made their answer seem to be more authoritative than other posts by member with lower counts. In a couple of cases, newbie members got burned by listening to these guys.

    Anyway, Tom liked the idea, and set the flags so that the white zone and combustion chamber posts don't get included in member post counts, then re-ran the count cleanup utility.

    The combination of these two factors made many of our members displayed post counts go down, in some cases, by quite a bit.... :-/

    If a member wants to check the actual counts, use the advanced Search function, sets it to display posts, rather than threads, and use their their member name, they can get retrieve their own post count.

    I've attached a hypothetical summary of the quantities returned by using the advanced search. The numbers have been changed 'to protect the innocent' (as if any MB'er is truly innocent...:grin5:)

    FYI. There's still something about the displayed member post count that we don't understand, as the retrieved counts (using Search) don't [quite] add up to the displayed member post count... The displayed count is generally a little higher than the total returned when using the search function.

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    I was wondering why I dropped down to 14 posts...