Pot metal? In my happytime?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Drunkskunk, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Drunkskunk

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    I'm using search for "80"s and "happy time"s, trying to learn all I can, when I ran across a post saying the nuts and bolts are all pot metal. OMGWTFBBQ???? :shock:

    Are they serious, or did I miss something?

    I tried to search for more info on that, but came up with nothing. More info or a clarification would be greatly appriciated. I'm not sure I want to stick a controled explosion device between my legs if it's held together by pot metal nuts. :confused:

  2. HoughMade

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    They are not pot metal, neither is the engine. The engine is aluminum and the bolts and hardware are steel. However, the steel is generally not high quality and should be replaced with nuts and bolts from the local hardware store.
  3. Drunkskunk

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    Thank you. Thats a relief!

    Odd question, but are these standard, or metric? I've seen a lot of the Chinese made bicycle parts built to American standard threading since it was ment for export. And i'd have to hit 2 diffrent shops for good quality bolts, depending on Metric or SAE threading.
  4. HoughMade

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    In my experience, they are metric.
  5. s_beaudry

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    They are cheap nuts and bolts....

    I stripped two heads of the bolts while tightening the sprocket..... cheap junk!

    Been replacing them with better quality ones from Lowe's
  6. Huntington

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    The term pot metal refers to the method of casting.

    China likes to melt there metal, aluminum, with other mystery metals, Then they poor that into a sand mold. It cures and you have your part. That is what pot metal is and yes the HT kits are pot metal. They are not cnc metal.

    It's a quick and cheep way to mass produce parts. If they used better metals it would not be so much an issue. Your cylinder and other internals are forged or cnc.
  7. Simon_A

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    Geez, spot the TF2 player.
  8. Herrmanator8

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    whoa, whoa, whoa. lets not give the chines too much credit now.. these engines are all pot metal. i wish i could get a head in aluminum. wont happen. all hardware is cheap junk steel. make sure u cure the engine of all casting flash, that seems to be a huge performance robbing issue in the cheap chinese powerplants. if you want the best running engine...when you recieve one, disassemble it and observe all the parts..you may find chunks of metal in your crankcase(happened to me) and deformed parts. any gasket leaks will completely mess up the performance of the engine, so watch out for those. clutches always need tlc. make sure you check plug to ensure running mix quality and shine a light in the piston to observe any burning.

    just some advice..

  9. Happy Valley

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    No, but they put lead in the pencil:evil:.
  10. arceeguy

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    The ignorance is amazing, simply amazing.

    The term "pot metal" is not method of casting.
    "other mystery metals" - care to back up the statement with some facts?
    These bicycle engines are not all pot metal, so stop spreading the bullshyte. I need to remember to put on my hip boots before I visit this forum. :rolleyes:

    While the HT engines are poorly finished on the outside, the main parts like the piston, bore finish, bearings, seals and gears seem to be of decent quality. I have a BoyGoFast engine disassembled on my workbench and while the cylinder has bent fins and a rough cast finish, the bore is nicely chrome plated, the port edges are chamfered and there is a nice crosshatch pattern from finish honing. The drive gears are steel, and the teeth are nicely machined. Any engine needs a certain amount of precision machining just to even run. The difference between new and worn out parts are mere thousands of an inch. The way some people talk about them, you would think they are put together with rocks and stone chisels.

    Chances are, everyone here has some "high tech" piece of equipment that was built in China. (My IBM ThinkPad was made there) Companies there are capable of producing very high quality products, so don't paint all the products and people with the same broad brush. I own a Lifan motorcycle (made in China) and it is good quality with a very affordable price tag. I plan on buying one of their other models!
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  11. Huntington

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    ummm.. arceeguy... I hate to sound ignorant again but yes the engine is pot metal. Pot metal is a slang word that reefers to alloys that consist of inexpensive, low-melting point metals used to make fast, inexpensive castings. Think of a big pot full of melted metal. Now if you read my 1st post, I did say your cylinder and other internals are forged or cnc. mystery metals is a term we use in my business, reefers to, multiple metals used in the casting agent. Cheap alloys we cant identify.

    If you look at your engine you will see what is called 'casting flash' on the intake and other areas, a tell tell of cheap casting. Now we all know this right.. most of us do anyway, but we still enjoy and buy these engines.

    no need to defend China, there reputation of cheap goods and tainted consumables is fact, but thats not the issue.

    I do make a living as an industrial eng. that has to mean I sometimes know what I'm talking about right?
  12. arceeguy

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    I read your post and it clearly said:

    Looks like you discovered wikipedia and Google after I called your bluff. :evil:

    I'd also like to add that "CNC" is not a type of metal, just an automated machining process. The cylinder is cast aluminum alloy, whether the item is finished with a CNC machines or they are machined by hand makes no difference to me because IMO, they paid attention to the things that count the most. It is obvious that visual aesthetics are low on their priority list.

    Casting flash on the item is a normal remnant of the casting process. It is not indicative of a poorly manufactured part, but it does indicate that the factory skipped over removing the excess material in an effort to keep costs low. But you are an industrial engineer and I shouldn't have to explain metal casting, or CNC machining to you.

    China's reputation is what it is because people like yourself propagate the misinformation you make up in your own head. Japan and Korea have run this course already. Every country has factories that produce substandard goods, and have shoddy business practices. It is unfair to label all products from a country "cheap" or "substandard" just because a few manufacturers are guilty. (Ford Pinto anyone? Crappy American engineering AND American corporate greed/corruption at its best! ;) )
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  13. Huntington

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    If you know so much about cnc and casting youll know there is no way in **** to cast with out pot metal. Therefor the HT engines are pot metal.. Right???

    Read my post again, I said the internals are forged or cnc. That means.. The internals are forgde or cnc, am I wrong or do you just like to argue?

    You must be Chinese to defend them so much. Hey want proof they suck...

    The dog food kills dogs, there heparin kill people, there tools fall apart, and they have to construct walls around there city to hide the slums and 'dirty' sweet shop factory's from the world during the Olympic.

    China makes cheap electronics, cheap bicycles, cheap auto parts, and cheap HT engine kits. But hey.. thats why everything from China cost next to nothing. (because its cheap)

    You can go take your argumentative comments somewheres diff. You dont really know what your talking about man, you seem to have some knowledge but I'm guessing only the stuff you googled.
  14. HoughMade

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    There is no way to cast without pot metal? :rolleyes:
  15. Zev0

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    Can we all just step back and chill a bit before this gets out of hand?
  16. arceeguy

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    You're back again? "Forged or CNC"? I thought I taught you that "CNC" is not a type of material, but an automated machining process. Why I try and educate the mentally challenged is beyond me. You claim to have a degree in industrial engineering, but I think you have a bachelors in "Googling" with a minor in "Wikipedia".

    Does it make your comments more or less racist if I were or weren't Chinese? BTW, I am a proud AMERICAN, and people like you embarrass me.

    You mean like how Merck pharmaceuticals (based out of NJ) sold Vioxx knowing it would kill people? Or how the DNC bought movie and museum tickets to hide the homeless during their national convention? (I bet you're a Democrat) "Sweet shop?" And what does a candy store in China have to do with the price of tea in America? :lol:

    Why don't you come up with something original, since you copied me with that one! hahahaaaaaaaa
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    Not chilled. Ok, these posts have been reported. Can't get into these little tiffs guys.
  18. arceeguy

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    Sorry man, but as you know, a guy has to do what a guy has to do. (like YOU did)
    This thread should be closed, without any content deleted because it does illustrate the ignorance and anti-chinese sentiment here on the boards. The OP actually thought that the nuts and bolts were made of "pot metal" because of what he read here. (misinformation) While we know that the hardware with these kits is not the best, and should be replaced, calling them "pot metal" is false. If this thread or any content is deleted, it really just proves my point.
  19. Huntington

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    I dont think I made racist commits, or even an insulting remark. I could be wrong, and am often but I think that guy was trying to start carp from his first post. Anyway...

    I said it before and I'll say it again, Chain makes cheap products... But I'll keep buying them, because they are cheap.
  20. arceeguy

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    If you think something is junk, call it junk. When you call it "Chinese junk" it instantly becomes racist, but it is accepted here. Saying Ford makes crappy cars is different than saying America builds crappy cars. Amazingly simple concept, isn't it?