Potential 173cc 5.5HP Predator Motorized Bike Build???

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    Well, I wanted to get folks thoughts on a potential build with the 173cc 5.5HP Predator motor on the Harbor Freight website. The only issue is that the motor is designed for a lawn mower and sits horizontal. I am thinking if it could be operated vertically with no issue; it would fit well on a bike for a powerful motorized bike build. In addition, the drive shaft would be on the right meaning you can connect it to the bike's pedal gear and utilize the bike's shifter and sprockets.


    There are many 212cc Predator builds, but my only issue with them is that it requires a special type of bike or you will have to cut the top center tube of the bike to fit the motor. In addition, the motor is very wide which makes it difficult to pedal as a normal bike.

    I have a 2-stroke 66cc and it is great but looking to do a stronger build in the spring.

    So what do you think? Can I use this motor vertically? I recall being able to operate my lawnmower motor vertically when needed to clear the grass build up. I can send Harbor Freight an email as well. We will also need to do a special mounting and change the tank (0.3G). :D

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    I think you better find a bicycle like a motorcycle with a good steel frame, wheels, and dual disc brakes.
    Like this MotoPed, a $3000 motorcycle rolling frame, with pedals.

    My point is, you can't use a $200 Wally World bike and expect it hold up or stop you.
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    Turning it on its side will probably not work due to carb and oil orientation... RIP the dream
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    Keep the dream alive! ...

    Motorized Bike Walkthrough Vernon Hundley

    Bicycle with lawn mower engine

    60cc BMX with Vertical Shaft Friction Drive (google it)

    The sidewalls of motorcycle and moped tires are much thicker.

    Mower motors are very cheap and free with plugged up carbs or blown gearboxes.
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    very nice video, my friend. i wanted to take that Harbor Freight lawn mower engine and mount it vertically along the frame of the bike. It looks like it would fit real nice and not protrude too much like the 212cc motorized bikes. oh well
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    Cool, looking forward to your updates, I an also looking at different engines for a flat board racer style build.
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    Err, I decided not to do this because the engine might not work on its side (ie oil...). I liked it at first versus the 212cc because it was so sleek if mounted on its side. I am probably going to go with a 125cc lifan mounted to hopefully a fat tire bike. Still trying to spec this out.
  9. hey it will work i just build a bike with the 173cc and you just need to use a oil splasher on the bottom of the rod. the engine is a beast and shoots flames so be careful of exhaust location if its short like mine!
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    I think its still gonna be a decent size motor, might as well go with the 212 horizontal shaft as its set already. BTW the 212 fits great into an older schwinn frame with about an inch space for valve cover removal. perfect. Only problem is a schwinn frame can't handle much more than a stock, ungoverned, free flowing predator.

    I think about the perfect size for a bicycle, to keep things from breaking, is a gx160. With the big valve head off a 212 shaved down i think, and some mods here and there. be a nice little runner. modded 212 is too much power.
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    His bike is probably done guys. The The OP's last post was 20 months ago.