Potholes are evil


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Jul 9, 2016
So yeah...was riding about 15mph through an alley a few nights ago and misjudged the depth of an incoming pothole. It tried to kill me :(. I was planning to just pop through but it grabbed and spun my front wheel almost sideways. Mid-air as I superman over the handlebars I think "this is gonna hurt". I was right...chest and right arm hit the ground first, then my body decided it would be fun to do a chin grind. I was having none of that so I pushed against the ground with my hands to get my chin off the ground, and my left thumb was folded back.
I got up thinking I was gonna ride off with my tail tucked but the handlebars were spun sideways...so I pushed it around the corner where there were streetlights to assess the situation. Bike was in better shape than me...just scraped seat and right pedal. I on the other hand recieved a bloody chin and palms...fractured thumb...cracked rib and either fractured or very badly bruised/sprained right arm aound the elbow. Nothing the hospital can do but a sling and pain meds, not much into opiates so never went. Had some firefighters check me out and they agreed with my assessment and said I'll be fine but just keep an eye on the road rash for infection.
Thank god for my leather jacket, woulda been much worse without it. Screw helmets without chin protection...gonna be hunting for a full face helmet while I recover...I'm a gimp...can't fully use my right or left hands atm...:( I have a restored hatred for potholes, been a while since we met in a similar fate.


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Jun 24, 2016
Yeah the potholes probably cover more square footage than actual road in this whacky state, I don't even chance it just go around.

I grew up in a full face helmet, and it's always proved it's worth on nearly every crash, smash, and bump. I couldn't not wear one, even on a plain bicycle I feel naked with just the simple helmet since I know that raging teeth gritting pain of a chin to the rock...

Oh and not only that smashing your chin on anything has that great potential to smash your teeth up, I only ever broke one tooth when I was young and that wasn't even on a bike, just me being a stupid kid. I still have the funked up tooth and I'll go to any length to avoid another incident like that because Oh boy 16 years later I can still remember that hot blinding pain that brought me quicker to my knees than anything I experienced in my life, including getting a swift kick to the nuts.

Wear your damn helmets people.


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Nov 16, 2015
I hope you get better soon, CrazyDan. Seems the injuries just require time to heal. Luckily for me, the only time I've fallen so far is at a stand still and my hands took most of the force... Speaking of falls, I recently got a beginners motorcycle (kawa 250cc ninja) and yeah I only have a 3/4 helmet and leather jacket and gloves. I feel I need shoulder, knee&shin, and a full face helmet and better gloves. if i fall at 40 mph+, ill probably be real messed up...


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Feb 19, 2018
Man that sucks. I was going like 40mph over a huge pothole i didn't see till i went over it an dude somehow the bike litterly just glided over the hole i think i was going so fast it didn't have time to go in the hole, no idea. But i'm always looking for them now but sometimes still hard to spot in time when going fast.