Poulan Chainsaw


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Jun 16, 2008
I'm using a 34cc poulan chainsaw model P3416. The only problem is that thats about as much information as I have about the thing, the website and users manual are not much of a help. Specifically i have no idea how many rpms it runs at. Is there any way to do the gear ratios without that data? Should i return this saw and find one i have more info about?
That's funny, I just bought that same chainsaw today, and I was wondering how well it would do on a bike. The problem is, you've got to rig the rest of the stuff, mount the engine somehow, and find a way to get gas to it! I don't even know if the engine is really better, but it does have a centrifugal clutch, which is nice.
As for gear ratios, you need to mount a sprocket, probably the 10 tooth one would be fine. I don't know if it fits, but the "sprocket" that drives the chain will NOT drive a bike chain. I looked at it, completely different.
Are you actually going to try and mount it?
Well actually I was looking around online for some info on this and after measuring the sprocket of the chain saw I found out that the teeth are 14 mm apart which i hope means that i can mount a 14 mm tooth V-belt onto it without modification. Now i just need to find such a belt of proper length (haven't been down to Ace Hardware or Home Depot yet, the local hardware store didn't have the right stuff) and then i just need to put a 14 mm tooth pulley of sufficient size (without any sort of jackshaft it basically has to be a slightly smaller bicycle wheel) and stick that on the side of my bike tire.

That's an awful lot to hope for, so for the moment if it works i'm just going to use the chain saw throttle as a throttle and not mess with the carburetor

Basically it's a big "we'll see." I have to hope that that v-belt will fit and stay engaged when i start the motor and that it'll be able to turn the very large pulley which hopefully will get traction. Assuming i can mount it. That's a mouthful.