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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by af0h, Aug 12, 2009.

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    After doing my normal 200-mile greasing/oiling interval (Stinger HT Engine at 600 miles and Huffy Cranbrook), I decided to mix-up my new bottle of Poulan Synthetic 2-stroke oil from Wal-mart. Having read on here about being able to run a slightly richer mix (more gas/less oil) with synthetics, I went ahead and used the bottle recommended 40:1 (3.2 oz.) and added 0.8 oz of Marvel Mystery Oil. Up until now i've been running at 32:1 with dino oil since the 300-mile break-in and the carb/engine is happy. I decided to keep that ratio, just with Synthetics and a little MMO - should equal maximum protection and better lubrication (I hope, anyway)... I figured the MMO can't hurt - since I have used it in everything else for years now with no ill-effects.

    With the Synthetic Oil the MMO is probably overkill, but I have always believed in Maximum protection in a 2-stroke - that's it's life!

    The tank was near empty so I siphoned out the rest and filled the tank with the new mix - just to see if there was actually a difference. I started down the street - waiting for the leftover fuel in the carb/float bowl to work it's way through. A couple of minutes later, the motor revved up slightly - at the exact same throttle lever position (kinda like a surge, subtle however but noticable) and after doing this a couple of times, it stayed at the higher RPM's - all at the same throttle lever position.

    Translation = it worked! Somehow.... All I can attribute this to is better lubrication equals less friction/load/drag - which would allow such a thing to happen.

    I later took a 30-mile round trip to visit a friend an found that I used a little less gas than previous trips consumed. Plug color is still a nice Chocolate Brown - not oily (too rich) and not White/Gray (too lean). As well as this combo worked, I think i'll continue to use it.

    Anyone else had anything like this happen?:detective:
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  2. Mountainman

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    well - no
    and I have been one which has stated many times here on site
    good plain old standard 2-stroke oil from -- just about anywhere -- is pretty good stuff
    I will admit -- you have hit a weak point with me here
    I have owned Poulan made THINGS
    in my opinion
    EVERYTHING that company makes is of the very best quality
    of all the claims made here regarding the quality oils
    if I am going to believe any made for a true improvement -- it would be yours

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    I've been using the poulan two stroke oil in HT for the year I've had it, they have a bottle with a little compartment on it that makes it simple to get the right mixture. I've been running 20:1 on my HT, worried about going 32:1 or 40:1. It's never given me a problem, though, smokes a little bit but not a whole lot unless you let it sit and idle for a few minutes. I've only replaced the sparkplug once in the last year, when the original one dropped it's center electrode.

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    sounds pretty smart up top the mountain Tinker
    that mixture that you are using is going to be the best in the long run
    for getting the most out of that THING that you can
    so many here want to lean the heck out of them -- seems so silly

    what am I looking for more speed
    so I lean it down to let's say 40 to one and gain what 1 or 2 more mph
    and take off what -- hundereds of hours taken from engine ??
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    I bought a bunch of Mobil 1 Racing 2T before they discontinued the product. I have been using it in all my 2 stroke equipment and it is excellent oil. No smoke, and no plug fouling. I don't know if equipment life is increased any but it has kept maintenance down.

    I have also used outboard 2T oil in my power equipment. It smokes a little, and plugs need more frequent replacement - but the big difference was deposits building up in the exhaust ports and spark arrester. But other than increased maintenance, I doubt it decreased equipment life.

    I've never actually noticed any difference in power with any oil. In retrospect, the racing 2T oil is probably overkill because HT engines, weed trimmers, generators and lawn mowers probably don't take full advantage of the protection synthetics offer under stressful conditions like dirt bike racing.
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    Thanks for the comments/input guys. Many here run the 32:1 mixture, so I wasn't too worried about it - especially running Synthetics. This debate on mixture seems to be ongoing with no real agreement on what is ideal.

    I've thought about going to 25:1 if it's really needed (still sounds like a lot of oil to me), but the jury's still out on that one. Of course, the MMO adds some protection too - and puts me back at 32:1 when using the 40:1 oil dosage.

    It would be very interesting to see exactly what the average engine life is at specific mixtures. But, since no two engines are the same, it would be very hard to do.
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  7. arceeguy

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    One of the main components of MMO is "stoddard solvent". I think that is the component that gives the product its disinctive "minty" odor, and it is what cleans out your fuel system whwn added to your fuel and fixes sticky rings, lifters, etc. when added to your crankcase oil.

    But because of the solvent content, I would be hesitant to use it in a 2 cycle pre-mix. I don't know if the solvent would affect the lubrication properties in a two stroke. Just being safe than possibly sorry.
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    I agree. I'd rather replace mufflers than rings or bearings!

    Has anyone else stayed with a more oily mix even after the break in? I'm breaking in now and using a Power Blend Home depot bottle, made for 2 gallons, in one gallon can (20:1)

    I have used Echo 50:1 synthetic in all the 2st weeders and lawn stuff I've ever used with very good results. But I might just use motorboat 2st oil at 40:1 forever. Can anyone pm if thats what they do, or if they use the 50:1 echo brand in theirs?

  9. af0h

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    Well, all I can say is that at 1350 miles the same Poulan Synthetic 40:1 mix with MMO is doing fine - for a final 32:1 ratio.

    I pulled the head off about 3-weeks ago and everything looked great - only minimal trace of carbon on piston head. Spark Plug color is still a nice chocolate brown.

    It's still working fine, no reason to change my mix now...
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