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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by jonboy2five, Jul 21, 2008.

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    i just bought a new 41cc mitsu 2stroke that was made for a commercial snapper brush cutter on ebay for $85. i found the dyno sheet on snapper.com and it makes 2hp. i would like to have another horsepower. would an intake, carb adjustments and exhaust can get me to 3hp?

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    doubtful. To add that much power you would probably not get much if any life out of the engine.

    Just my thoughts

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    oh well...

    well ok then i guess maybe 2.2hp at 6.5-7K? would that run 30mph or so? b/c thats all i want. i am mounting it on a 24"BMX bike (as a toy, not transport) thanks for the input:grin:
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    would you recommend a cvt or just a 20-25:1 reduction?
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    I have a Mits 43cc 2.2hp engine with 1.125" roller on my 26" cruiser. With my ADA-1 expansion pipe exhaust, it screams at 30mph. The pipe was all I added, and the sparkplug is a perfect tan. I might've gained .6hp from the pipe. I'll change to 1.375" or 1.5" roller for more topend. Dave Staton predicted 40 mph with the 1.5" roller and light riders. I'm at 200 lbs., so I might hit 40mph with the pipe. Then I can keep up with traffic on my way home.

    I think you'd like the 1.125" roller. My engine's sweet spot was 15-22 mph on the flats.