Power Assist Bicycle for people like me with health problems and still like to cycle

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    As we grow older we can't always do the things we love to do. In my case it is bicycling. For the last 35+ years I have bicycled more than 1000 miles a year. A few years ago I developed AF Atrial Fibrillation, a heart condition that limits my cycling. I can cycle, on level ground with little problems; on a hill my heart rate jumps up to more than 180 BPM, a dangerous condition. Until this problem I never walked a hill, I might have had to rest a couple times going up, but I could always make it to the top. Over the years I have cycled from my home to such faraway places as Quebec City, Williamsburg Virginia, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Skyline Drive, and many many others. A lot of times riding more than 100 miles a day.

    Last winter I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and figure out a way to fix this problem. I decided to develop a bicycle with power assist, for hills.

    From a pile of parts and tubes I designed and built a motorized recumbent cycle. See: http://www.theideashoppe.com/TerysCycle/ for pictures.

    This allowed me to ride my 1,000 miles last year. Many miles with Team ROMEO.

    I just developed a modified my upright cycle with the same type motor. http://www.theideashoppe.com/TerysCycle/upright.htm These cycles allow me to cycle up hills out of the Cuyahoga Valley at 15+ miles an hour, depending on how much I help by pedaling. They are powered by a 1 HP Honda 8,000 RPM motor. A friction drive roller moves the rear wheel at speeds up to 25MPH. I can start and engage or disengage the friction roller and motor while on the move.

    Now I am able to continue to ride with my cycling club Team ROMEO, Retired Old Men Eating Out, and stay with the group.

    The speed control is on the right handle bar. The stop pushbutton is in the end of the right aero bar. Behind the seat is a lever to raise or lower the friction drive on or off the tire.

    With this system you can pedal or just motor, or both. You can start the motor with the cycle moving by moving your left hand back to the starter rope, and pull. The right hand controls the speed and the motor shut off.

    I may tool up for a limited production run if people express interest in this unit. I get more than 250 MPG. This unit is not cheap! The motor alone cost $250+, and the friction unit will not fit on all bicycles. I live in Solon, Ohio (Solon is 1/2 way between Cleveland and Akron) 440-349-1557

    The extra 15+ pounds of motor and assembly makes a little difference in the handling of the bike. You need to have a cycle with a slopping top bar, or a ladies bike. Not all bikes can be modified for the motor assist. I suggest a quality cycle made with rear lugs made for a luggage rack.

    If there is interest I will take my equipment to Florida next winter to a camp ground in Bushnel, Fl. and set up shop.

    Questions? I have answers!

    Email TIdeaShop@aol.com

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    Welcome aboard.

    It's a fine looking machine.

    Most of us, after building a bike, have wondered if we might build and sell them. I pretty quickly decided that it's not likely to pay my bills. But someone who has a good design and doesn't need it as primary income might make it worthwhile as a sideline.

    good luck to you.