Power from white wire,info needed



It may be possible to design a better lighting or battery charging system with the white wire (magneto coil output) of the Chinese 2 stroke engines by employing a stepdown transformer setup.This would provide a better match (lower load) to the coil and still be capable of supplying the currents that the low impedance devices such as lights &LEDs need.These small utility transformers, good for 10/20 Watts are readily available,heating/airconditioning systems use 120/24 V or 240/24 V units,frequently they are mounted on top of a utility box, so that the rest of the circuitry (rectifiers,power convertors etc could be mounted inside There are various possibilities as to what to do with the output of this transformer.I made a setup using a surplus furnace transformer using a variable 60 cycle input and fashioned a battery charger with it.It worked fine, 12V at 1 A.with a 50 V ac input.But there are a host of possibilities,depending on one's particular requirements and predelictions
To prove feasibility it is necessary for someone in the possession a VOM meter with ac (note !) capability and of course, a functional Chinese engine to run a few tests on the white wire output ,with nothing hanging on it of course, except the kill switch.
1) Measure the ac voltage to ground at idle,cruising and high rpm,the "cruising" reading is the important one.
2) Disconnect the charging coil output lead to the CDI unit and measure the resistance to ground of this lead,(not the input to the CDI unit !),this measures the resistance of this coil,not absolutely essential but nice to know what impedance level we are dealig with.
If these voltages are in the ball park it would be of interest to look into this further.Any brave volunteers ?,preferably with some electronics savvy.