CVT Power handling of Pocket bike CVT

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    I have a idea to build a Electric moped/scooter(limited to 50km/h and can be ridden on a car drivers licence). I am looking at using a motor that i will modify with better bearings and hall sensors to run it at ~70V and 120amps about 10kw. This is easily enough power to run a small motorcycle styled bike, problem is i would like some great accelleration too, for that i need probably atleast 2 speeds, thats where the idea of a CTV comes in, it changes gears from 2-1 to 1-1 and it also has the bonus of keeping the motor in the high rev range where its safer for the controller i plan to use and the motor with a fan on the back.

    I have been looking at the Fancy scooter CVT for pocket bikes, simple basic, small and light. But made with some cheap parts so can ony handle a few kw from what i have read on this forum. Does anyone have any idea if it can be beefed up with proper bearings, belts and washers etc to get it to be able to handle high rpm,11k+ and low torque power imput. Or am i barking up the wrong tree and will i have to fork out the cash for a Comet CVT?

    I am planing on directly connecting the electric motor to the CTV, belt to a jackshaft, then chain to a 16"motobike wheel. Probably in a bobber style motorbike

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    Yeah i know about thuds gearbox, but i wasnt really too keen to fab one myself but if i get a general consensus that the Pocket bike CVTs arnt going to be even close to the task i might have to.

    But Thuds 2 speed box may be a simple design the main cost will be getting the plates machined, over all i would expect that for a 1 off box it would cost me close to $500. With most of that been the machine work. But i have too admit it would be so cool to have it go zzzzzZZZ K-thud zzzzZZZZZZ
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