Power scource for Lights?

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  1. What would be a good power scource for my lights? The head light is 12v 6w and the rear light is 6v. I am also going to have four small turn signals. What would be a good way to power these lights?

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    Well i can tell you what I did.
    250 watt, 24 volt scooter motor from Allelectronics. run via #25 chain from the engine on one bike, and using the same set-up on the other bike only with a belt.
    You have to adapt the metric shaft of the motor to whatever drive you use. This set-up is cheap and exceedingly reliable.
    Actually, any DC motor will work, but the scooters have ball bearings and will last a long time.
    Driving them at 1/2 speed, this is with 4 cycle engines that do not rev like a 2 stroke, the lights are dim at idle and bright at full rpm.
    We can get away with not blowing lights by limiting the voltage to about 17 volts at full rpm. No regulator is needed. I went this way because in this state, lights are mandatory.
    Both of these deals give off good light if the engine is revved some- like at cruising speed. Am using regular bulbs for like stop or turn lights, but these scooter motors would power up bigger lights easily.
  3. How will a scooter motor make elctricity? I'm confused xP
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    A motor is a generater that is powerd by electricity. IF you take a motor and spin the shaft it will generate electricity
  5. Ahhh, now it makes sense. Haha, then that's what I'll do!
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    I would think you can use a dc/dc power converter from TTi. Hi input dc, low out put dc?? Im thiking of trying it with a rechargable battery using LED'S in lights.?
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    Wonderful Creations has created a bespoke 12 volt lighting system for me, which will be available upon request. It does exactly what you want - a true regulated 12 volt system that charges a 4,000mAh lithium battery and also has a 12 volt cigarette lighter receptacle to recharge electronic devices.

    Spend good money and you will receive a good product.
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    If yer running the China Trollop (China Girl) two-stroke, I have built a 6 volt system that charges a battery off the accursed white wire! White to bridge rectifier (with two tank capacitors to balance the load) to 6 volt 4.7 Amphr SLA battery (UB-645) - from there, LED lights for head/tail light, turn signals and brake. See "Has anyone 100% officially found built a good a way yet to run a headlight off the white wire yet?" in the electric (this) forum, last entry
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    @ BigBlue

    I should have the kit in my eagerly awaiting hands in about 7 days, and you can bet your house that i'll have a comprehensive photo review after it is installed :grin5:

    I'm pushing for Wonderful creations (with money on the table) to design and manufacture a Neodymium-52 magnet for the Chinese 2-stroke bicycle engine to really pump up the output to a couple of amps so i can run accessories like my heated jacket and heated boot warmers, which will draw about 2.5 amps

    It's now up to Wonderful Creations to make it happen, because i've got the cash allocated to the project should they proceed.
    You can also bet you house that there will be a photo review of the new magnet if and when i get it in my hands.
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    My ultimate goal is to have enough battery capacity for reserve power to run the fuel injection system.
    A 10 amp lithium battery pack should be the ticket to success.
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    Look forward to your review.

    AKA: BigBlue
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    I look forward to doing the review.

    I'll send you a PM on the micro fuel injection system because it's not only a "must have item" but it's the only method worthy of any serious consideration to enable proper fuel management.
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    Looking forward to reading the reviews.