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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by andyinchville1, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Doing a little reading an another site and found some interesting info I thought I'd share here...(If there are any RC enthusiasts here willing to try this in one of our engines I'm sure everybody would be interested in hearing the results...Oh Yeah!)...The following came from Mopedarmy,,,,

    Nitromethanol, also known as RC-car fuel is an alcohol based fuel that burns faster and hotter than gasoline. This increases the performance greatly.

    But as most people know, alcohol dissolves oil. And oil is what keeps your 2-stroke going. Also the added heat can cause your piston to over expand and instantly seize. So you will need a good lead-replacer (The type that goes into old cars that run on leaded fuel) to insure a good heat-conduction of the piston and cylinder wall. Also you will need special nitromethane 2-stroke oil, so the oil doesn't dissolve.

    Don't use more than 15% nitromethane, as it will surely kill your engine. Mix the oil and lead-replacer with the fuel in the right proportions, shake and take for example 850ml's of that mixture and add 150ml's of nitromethane. Start the engine on normal fuel and run it till it is completely warmed up. Then switch to the nitromethane mixture.

    Beware: You can't kill your engine by stopping the ignition anymore, the nitromethane mixture is self-combustible under pressure. So make sure you can cut the fuel off at any time!

    *** MY Question: I wonder why you have to start on regular gas then switch over?....Is it to more gradually heat the engine?...RC engines don't have to switch over....Hmmmm any guesses?

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    As a long time R/C car guy here is my 2 cents worth. R/C fuel is made of alcohol, nitro and oil. It is essentially a premix like we use on our bike engines. The main difference between the two is the main ingredient, gasoline or alcohol. We really have 2 options. We could just add 5% to 10% nitro to our existing gas/oil mix or use R/C fuel. Using R/C fuel is expensive and the carburetors would have to be rejetted to run on alcohol. The alcohol behaves a little different than gas. Just like you can't switch between propane and natural gas on a gas grill. I did see a 14mm carb on Dave's site made for burning alcohol so it appears someone is burning alcohol.
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    well who is gonaa grow some **** and try runnig achohal in there happy time motor, lol
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  4. nitromethane. Is that like a liquid? MMMMmmm...maybe 1 ounce for every gallon....
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    Go for it! rejet the carb and buy new piston(for when it melts).
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    Just use it as an additive?

    How about just using nitro glow fuel as an additive to our regular fuel/oil mixture for just a little boost?

  7. HI fly boy....that is kinda what I had in mind actually...just a little to make a difference....not so much as to blow it up.
  8. I saw this movie(supossed to be based on a real story) with Anthony Hopkins about a speed record: Indian
    Well in the movie this guy that got the record on this old Indian, first drops one of his heart/chest pain pills inside the gas tank. Aren't those pils made out of Nitroglycerin or something similar?
    Rent the video at your local videostore.
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  9. Fly_boy_bc

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    Great Movie!

    Yes, Those are nitroglycerin tablets but the concentrations are so small that the idea is laughable...It was just a joke in the movie.

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    I've run tons of small engines on nitro and done some conversions to nitro from gas over the years.

    As a minimum you've got to rejet the carbs to a larger size or the engine will run lean and possibly overheat.

    BTW, nitro fuels vary from 9% to 20% in oil content. A typical 15% fuel with 17% oil content has about 22 ounces of oil per gallon which is way overkill for our engines.

    I had a Dellorto replica carb lying around and tried it on my Dax. The Dellorto carb ran very rich on the top end and I had to add 4 oz of 15% nitromethane fuel to the tank to get it running at a good mixture setting (not too rich or too lean). I decided to go back to the original carb and use plain gas and oil. I think the Dellorto replica carb would run perfectly for someone at sea level but I'm at 6500 feet above sea level.
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    Ive put nitro fuel in an old 2 stroke generator i think it was like a 8(gas);1nitro ratio, i didn't notice anything diffrent, it just started a little easier.The reason why they say start on gas is because you would never be able to start it on nitro, on the rc cars they have a tiny glowplug to heat up everything, without the heat it isn't starting.Ill look for a weedwacker to try out 100% nitro in, ill just add a bit of 2 stroke oil in it.
  12. Skyliner70cc

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    Topfuel cars run mostly on high nitro fuels and they run sparkplugs and not glowplugs. Caddy, the info you provided to put it nicely, is bogus.

    RC engines have a glow plugs because the glow plug is helpful in initiating the catalytic reaction between the platinum based glow plug coil element and the methanol in RC fuel. Heating up the glow plug with an electrical current helps the catalytic reaction along but isn't necessary. I've got the suture scares on my thumb as proof that a glow engine can start without a hot glow plug (25 stitches at an emergency room after an engine that I was rotating and appyling afterrun oil to the bearings started on me).

    The Zenoa G23 is a popular engine that is run on glow fuel or gasoline. Both are run with sparkplugs.

    Running any amount of nitro into a gas engine will lean the engine out. Not a problem if engine is running rich but will cause engine damage if it isn't. Your weedwacker will be destroyed if you run high nitro/methanol based fuel. But hey, its your money.
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    From my understanding(and some experience) engines will run on just about anything combustable provided u start them with the proper fuel in the first place.There's a good chance though that you'll ruin the engine.
    MANY years ago i tried starting a 2-stroke Husquvarna 450cc Scramble bike with fuel meant for a Speedway bike but no-way would it start....not kicking...not pushing...not nothin.
    These days i'm more of a fan of sticking with the right fuel and tweek the rest....seems safer.
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    just a thought, has anyone taken into consideration that a gallon of rc car nitro fuel is $20.00? just thinking.
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    Just thinking out loud here, but has anyone had any luck with running higher octane fuels mixed with their oil? I use Mark 2 race gas (110 octane) mixed with Castrol 747 oil at a ratio of 35:1 for all my racing pocket bikes and it's worked great for me for well over a year now! But I did have to rejet my carbs to larger main jets on all my bikes. I might try this option with my motored mountain bike a little later on? I've also got a friend who likes to run pure alcohol in some of his racing pocket bikes. He claims higher rpms and quicker power bands with the use of pure alcohol, but has to rebuild the engines much more frequently!!!

    Here's a link to where I purchase my race fuel (Mark 2):


  16. Skyliner70cc

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    Higher octane fuel on a 6.5:1 compression ratio engine is useless,waste of money, will make starting engine a little more difficult, and add to carbon build up.

    Up the compression ratio to over 10:1 and then you can use 110 octane fuel. Folks think that high octane means power but that is a silly notion on a low compression low tech engine.. High octane means more power in engines designed for high octane(high compression engines or forced air induction engines).

    Its sad to see the ricer mentality mindset on this forum.
  17. sklein25

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    I do want to point out that I've successfully used race gas in most of my racing pocket bikes, but the engines in these bikes were just that! They were built to increase compression and therefore require a higher octane fuel source. Most pocket bikes do not require this, since their compression ratios are fairly low and pump gas is more than enough.

    Currently my motored mountain bike engine is remaining stock (original carb, pipe, no porting, no piston shaping/ cutting, no shaving of top head, all original gaskets). But in the near future I will implement all of the above performance mods one at a time and will then begin to test out my race fuels. But only after I've bumped up the compression ratio no doubt!

    Though I do think these engines will benefit greatly from a reed box system as well as all of the above mentioned mods. Every little bit counts!

    P.S. I hope you don't think I'm too much of a ricer minded individual. I can't stand it when kids come up to me to ask if buying Octane Boost from the local auto store will help give them more power in their pocket bikes and motored bikes!!!!!!LOL

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  19. Skyliner70cc

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    The acetone issue has been debunked by many. If it really worked, the fuel companies would be adding it at the pump and advertising their fuel as offering better fuel economy.

    Anybody want to put one of those 40 dollar magnets on their fuel line for better fuel economy?
  20. turbo/chaos

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    ummmmmmmmmmm well now the one way that can be done

    is simple smaller gear thats it man ther is really nothing that can be done

    plus it gets great mpg as is and just to get more out of a simple engine

    is well all mechanical tuning so as i said just a smaller sprocket

    for less rev means less fuel consumption thats it later