For Sale powerboards, motorized Bikes

Prices are OBO please feel free to make offers.

I have accumulated these toys over a few years as my children were young. We just don't use them anymore since my youngest is now 14. We have moved to motorcycles.

Moby Bladez XL --- $330
35cc 2 stroke Tanaka Industrial engine, front suspension, front disc, belt final drive. Top speed ~25 and legal in the city on sidewalks and non-lined roads. Excellent shape near new in condition.

Tanaka Paverunner --- $270
35cc 4 stroke Robin Subaru Indistrial engine. Overall good condition but the scooter is atrting to show it's age. Top speed ~20mph.

Raleigh M30FS full suspension mountain bike with friction drive roller drive. ---- $720
Tanaka 47cc 2 stroke Industrial engine. An auxiliary fuel tank, Taller handlebars, gel seat, triangle bag, center stand, larger rollers installed

Huffy full suspension mountain bike with friction roller drive --- $470
Snapper 40cc 2 stroke engine.

I have some performance parts for Tanaka engines and a spare 40cc PF40 Tanaka.

Thanks for looking


The 40 is a lightly used unit. It was on a scooter I parted awhile ago.

bumpy... Still looking to sell a pair of Friction drives, Tanaka PF4000 and older Snapper 40cc engine. I will sell whole bikes if you wish.

Prices are OBO...
4cc huffy bike

rich well I would love have your bike would you like to trade for a used huffy suspension bike worth about 50$ a xbox 360 controller worth 50$ 50$ in cash a guitar for an xbox 360 worth 30$ because I don't have much money ad I need that bike to get back and forth to work and I see one on ebay for barly 70$ but I think that you are a decent person so please get back in touch with me
Thank you but no thank you. If you have found a bike for $70 I would suggest you pick it up. I have put a huge amount of time and money to get my bike right. I have used the some of the best parts available.

good luck