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  1. spunout

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    :shock: I decided to give Powerking another chance.
    some of you may remember a certain 'unpleasantness' :-x i had more than a year ago w/Powerking. I'd heard they had revamp'd their kits, so i figured 'aw, what the hey'.:-/

    I got a 48cc kit yesterday, and the first difference i noticed was the quality of the hardware. :shock:
    chrome powder coated sprocket, idler pulley arm, and intake manifold. not a huge deal, but looks nice. :rolleyes:
    gear-puller, and in-line fuel filter included. thats a plus.
    metal throttle assembly w/kill switch and integrated double-pull brake setup. thats huge. i break plastic ones left and right, and now i'll get rid of coaster brakes on my personal rides....wheels go bad too quickly.
    motor mount brackets were thick steel, not thin pot metal.
    edges of jug fins were nice and flat....not like they'd been sanded, but not a bunch of uneven slop, either.
    fired right up. i'm satisfied with the smooth power delivery, right out of the box. maybe i'm not supposed to go 30mph on the first tank of fuel, but it's mine and i do what i want. :evil:

    dont misinterpret this post as a plug for any one vendor. this is about how, in my opinion, Powerking has really stepped up to the plate and delivered. :-|

  2. lildeezul

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    are you talkin about powerkingshop on ebay ?
  3. srdavo

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    cool, our buddy, haggard, said the were listening.
  4. spunout

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    no way. i got mine from turbo/chaos.

    the thing about ebay sellers, is just what my problem was. the 'boxers' there seem to have lots of the unimproved kits leftover.
    been a few guys bought from there that got dented/rusty tanks, incomplete kits, and mine (from AppleBig on ebay. not my local vendor's fault) had a hole drilled too deep at the factory. that caused a heckuva air leak. the next one i got (still from AppleBig) had no woodruff key on drive sprocket. i gave that motor to azBill. it took a mysterious carp on him after only 30miles. i dont know if he ever took the time to diagnose that nightmare.

    i'd steer clear of eBay (except Dax. theyre good).
    old kits, and what kind of customer service do you think a guy could get?
  5. I got my kit from Turbo, and I pester him on a daily basis. (We live in the same town) I havent had any problems, that were related to the kit yet. all my problems eather stem from ignorance of the product or the odd aplacation.
  6. solitus3989

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    my powerking from ebay also fired up on the first go. i ordered june 26th.

    definitely delivered so far. not a bad thing happened yet. all was my fault. (like forgot to tighten the gas tank completely. halfway through my first go, the tank started sliding off. oops. >.< )

    fired up on the first go for me, and still flyin great.
  7. dave1490

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    mine from pk on ebay also started within 25 feet on the first go.
  8. B.K. Hosken

    B.K. Hosken Member

    What do you mean "integrated double pull brake setup?"
  9. Haggard

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    I agree .
    I had some problems with thier previous kits also and have posted such .
    PowerKing has taken some huge steps toward providing us with an exeptionaly good product.
    Its actually amazing how their kits just keep getter better every time I purchase one.

    PowerKing has upped the anti even further.

    Try the pk80L (L is for limited edition)
    pk80 jet stealth

    The quality of everything in these kits is incredible.

    Anyone who hasn't tryed PowerKings kits lately is in for a nice surprise, and You'd be hard pressed to find a nicer guy to do business with than John.

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  10. Junster

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    I bought my kit from Zoom which I'm sure is Powerking. Everything was nice. Motor runs great. Lots of power, 80cc slant head.
  11. POPS

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    It is...same same...POPS
  12. velosolex

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    shipping to US?

    Any of you PowerKing buyers live in the US? If so, do you have to get a broker to bring in the engines from Canada, or can they ship right to your residence without import issues?

  13. POPS

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    Go to Zoombicycles.com and that is power king. One in the same. I think they take care of everything involved and get it to your door...POPS