powerking clutch problem question.....


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May 19, 2008
well mounted my powerking kit to my bike set it up perfect so the clutch doesnt rub when dissengaged. so i gave it about 3 test runs, came back popped the clutch cover off and found clutch dust in the bottom, in there. i was only going 15kph and less each run about 30 seconds. the clutch when engaged seats perfectly and when disengaged feels free and not rubbing. is this normal? and where can i get another better or stronger clutch to buy? its a 80cc kit

thanks for the help!!
Same thing here

After my first run of about 30 mi. I removed the clutch cover and found what looks like clutch dust pilling up. At this rate I will probably need a new clutch in 400 mi..Perhaps this is normal for the first 100 mi or so. Just have to burn off the newness, lol.
Anyone else?
Sounds normal but to be honest, I have yet to have a setup where the clutch isn't partially engaged when using a push button locking clutch lever (lift rear wheel with clutch locked and see rear wheel turn slowy). Now, depressing the clutch fully does disengage the clutch completly its just the locking levers don't lock at the fully squeezed setting.

I rather err on the side of clutch life and make sure your clutch isn't slipping when engaged. I hardly ride with clutch disengaged with motor or motor not running...and if I do, I usually turn the adjustment know so it is completely disengaged at the lock position but remember to put it back to "normal" so it doesn't slip when engaged.