Clutch powerking kit clutch disc problem! HELP!

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    well mounted my powerking kit to my bike set it up perfect so the clutch disc doesnt rub when dissengaged. so i gave it about 3 test runs, came back popped the clutch cover off and found clutch dust in the bottom, in there. i was only going 15kph and less each run about 30 seconds. the clutch when engaged seats perfectly and when disengaged feels free and not rubbing. is this normal? and where can i get another better or stronger clutch to buy? its a 80cc kit

    thanks for the help!!

  2. You are going to get clutch disc dust as the clutch slips starting off. You can cut down on clutch wear by peddling up to speed and then releasing the clutch.
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    My clutch sounds all the time. A weird sound, squeecking..errr errrnnnerner.
    Ive heard many of these engines sounding like this on youtube. But what I can understand the only thing able to make this noise is the clutch. Is this sound normal?
    Should I correct something?

    My clutcharm is lose when not engaged.
  4. There should be some play in the clutcharm when not engaged. You could take cover off and make sure big gear is not grinding on cover. Some have to have a little grinding to clear gear. They are noisy, I put rubber over the cover, it helps...I used an old mouse pad....

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    Cool, you got a powerbox/boostbottle. I had one on my 4-stroker 70cc, and i lowered my mpg and it became a bit mor "jumpy", better gas-response.
    Its pretty cool that it works. How does it work for you, have you calcultated the box specifik for this type of engine. (their are programs you can use to calculate the most appropiate size and what rev you want it to kick in.)

    To lower noise you should use a bitumen asfalt plate, theyre cheap, in any autospare
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  6. I have never heard of using a boost bottle on a 4 stroke. I can tell you it doesnt make much of a difference on the chinese engines. I just havent had time to take it off and solder the manifold closed. One way to tell if the noise you are having is from gearbox is when running place a finger on the cover and see if the noise (resonance) goes away, in my case it did, so I covered the cover....
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    It does work on 4-stroke. Everyone says it doesnt, but it do work. You only have to use a bit smaller bottle than a 2-stroker.

    If you tweek the bottle nicely to fit the engine, you should feel a difference. Maybee it doesnt work aswell on these engines because they dont have any reed valves as a normal 2-stroker do have.